Inauguration of Wipro Mission 10X Technology Learning center in NIST, Berhampur

      The first functional Wipro Mission10X Technology Learning Centers (MTLC) came on stream on Monday at the National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur. This prestigious project is one among the 25 centers across the country.

In his welcome address, Prof. Sangram Mudali, Director, NIST emphasised the importance of students having hands-on experience with new technologies. "The inquisitiveness of students would take them to great heights. It not only adds value to the profile of students but also makes the industry hunt for the talent. The success of education will only be felt when talent does not search for its place in the industry but rather industry must come hunting for talent," he said.

Inaugurating the Learning Center, Dr Rajendra Joshi, Head, Research, Mission10X said, "Though theory, practical labs and project are seen as distinguishable and separate, they are inseparable entities as far as technological learning is concerned."

Handing over a concept board to Prof Sangram Mudali, Dr Joshi said: "Behavioural skills and technical skills should not be taught separately. The reason is when a person works in a team he is expected to display both technical and people skills in equal measure. This is why the industry requires that the students are adept at both."

Quoting W. B. Yeats, Dr Joshi said, "...things fall apart; the centre cannot hold'. This is also true of technical learning and behavioural skills. Even peripheral centers like Berhampur, Jhansi and Trichy should have access to the best of teaching/learning practices so that the MTLC is successful," he said. Mr P Veerendra, Academic Research Manager, Mission10X, outlined the Unified Technology Learning Platform (UTLP) that integrates DSP, High Speed ARM, and FPGA processors into one platform that can be used for teaching, research and project purposes. These kits provide integrated development platform and can be used to develop applications/products in various fields: automotive electronics, medical electronics, mobile & communication networking, industrial automation etc. This MTLC would equip students and researchers with multi-domain knowledge and hence prepare them to meet industry requirements.

The inauguration of this lab opens up opportunities for researchers across the country, besides the students and faculty members of NIST, to use this facility for research, project purposes and collaborative effort.