B.Tech Projects

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2013-2017

Category : Design and Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Analyzing the Hidden Assumption of Energy Detector Based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio NetworkSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Application of geo grid in subgrade layer of pavementSiddhartha Sekhar Mishra
Armature control DC Motor and analysisSantanu Kumar Pradhan
A systematic approach to carrier assessment using portfolio analysisBHASKAR BHAULA
Automated Smart home Security and Safety System Using LabVIEWKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
Compaction characteristics of red mud and pond ash mix as filling and embankment materialSunita Behera
Comparison of Photovoltaic Array Maximum Power Point Tracking TechniquesPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
Corrosion and sensitization study on Stainless Steel welded partsSUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Crack detection in Railway trackKrushna Chandra Jena
Design and Characterization of TCO for all-optical transistorPrabhudutta Pradhan
Design and Development of Disc Shape Flying SaucerRuma Roy
Design And modelling of Six Speed Constant Mesh Gear BoxRuma Roy
Designing of hybrid electricity load forecasting model using extreme learning machineShom Prasad Das
Design of a comparator for successive approximation ADC for Biomedical ApplicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design of Active Low Pass analog Filter for successive approximation ADC for Biomedical ApplicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design of A Low Power High Performance Track-and-Hold Circuit using 180nm CMOS TechnologyMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design of DDR SDRAM Controller for Embedded SystemMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design of Finite Impulse Response Filter using distributed Arithmatic Lookup TableDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design of fully differential amplifier in high-speed data acquisition systems using tanner toolsMitu Baral
Design of High Frequency Inductors and Transformers for SMPSALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Design of High Tuned Linear Ring Voltage Controlled OscillatorMitu Baral
Design of PWM for successive approximation ADC for Biomedical ApplicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design of Sample and Hold Amplifier for successive approximation ADC for Biomedical ApplicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Development of Electric Vehicle with AC DriveSangram Mudali
Effect of Cement kiln dust and waste materials on geotechnical properties of expansive soilSunita Behera
Experimental and numerical investigations of mechanical strength of polymer based composite material.-1Sunil Kumar Panigrahy
Experimental and numerical investigations of tensile properties of polymer based composite material 01ASWINI KUMAR KHUNTIA
Gabor Filter for Finger print recognition using Cadence ToolDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Graph theoretical approach towards fault locationPrabhat Kumar Sahu
Hardware Friendly Machine Learning SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Heat Treatment of Mild Steel partsSUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Impedance matching between filter and Antenna for Wireless power transmission Pradyumna Kumar Patra
IOT based Industrial pollution monitoring and control using Virtual Instrumentation KUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
Low power QVCO using Adiabatic LogicSANGITA RANI PANDA
Modeling of Multiband semiconductors for solar cell applicationsSatya Sopan Mahato
Multimedia Transmission over Cognitive Radio Networks using Fountain CodesSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Numerical and Experimental investigation of steady suction control of flow around a circular cylinder 01Aruna Kumar Samantaray
Opto-electrical band-gap engineering of ZnO based RRAMDebashis Panda
Power quality Enhancement of an UPS systemPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
precision FarmingBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Properties of cement mortar incorporating with different percentage of granite or marble chipsRakesh Kumar Patra
QM calculation for the structural and electronic properties of poly(thiophene)sPrabhat Kumar Sahu
Rainwater Harvesting at NISTSakshi Singh
Result Analysis of an institution using portfolio theoryBHASKAR BHAULA
SAR Logic Design for successive approximation ADC for Biomedical ApplicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
sB-Rio based pick and place manupulater design using LabVIEWKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
Soil stabilization using cementSunita Behera
STICK GUIDE for visually impaired personKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
Studies on Photonic Devices based on CdSe quantum DotsSUKANTA KUMAR SWAIN
Suitability oflime stabilized fly ash in subgrade layer of pavementSiddhartha Sekhar Mishra
Synthesis of Iron nanoparticle by coprecipitation methodsManabendra Patra
Time to Digital Converter Design for DPLLMukesh Kumar Sukla
Transmission Characteristics of a Tapered Quantum Dot doped FiberPurnendu Mishra
Use of Bamboo as structural reinforcement in RCC structural elementSuryamani Behera
Use of M sand as fine aggregate in concrete preparationSuryamani Behera
Use of recycled aggregate and rubber as coarse aggrigate in concreteSuryamani Behera
Voltage Mode Pulse Width Modulator using Single Operational Transresistance AmplifierMukesh Kumar Sukla
Water distribution systemPadminee Samal
Water supply schemePadminee Samal
Implementation of cache memory mapping techniques using c programmingTAPAS KR BAYEN

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Alcohol detector in automobileAruna Kumar Samantaray
Assessment of microstructure and mechanical properties of stainless steel joints prepared by TIG weldingSaurabh Dewangan
Automatic control of air conditioner, music system and light of a carSUCHANDRA PAL
Automatic Plantation and maintenance system for cactus gardenSatya Sopan Mahato
Characterization of rock penetration into the WC-Co based drill bitsSaurabh Dewangan
Comparision of pulse-width-modulation (PWM) Techniques for DC-AC ConvertersPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
Comparison of Cu and Al schottky contact characteristics on high Al content AlGaN/GaN heterostructuresSandipan Mallik
Design and development of a flywheel attached bicycleSUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Design and development of heating set-up for conductiong quasi-isothermal experiments in the UTMSAMBIT KUMAR MOHAPATRA
Design and fabrication of a modular water filter cartridge for fluoride removal based on Nalgonda techniqueSUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Design and Fabrication of a Planar TransformerSatya Sopan Mahato
Design and Implementation of QuadcopterPalash Das
Design development and analysis of the forming die setupsSAMBIT KUMAR MOHAPATRA
Design, modeling and modification of solar rice harvester-1SANTOSH KUMAR SAHOO
Design, modeling and modification of solar rice harvester-2SANTOSH KUMAR SAHOO
Design of Analog Filters using Analog System LAB starter KITMitu Baral
Development and Optical Characterizations of Surface Passivated Metal Sulphide NanoparticlesSHRABANI MAHATA
Development of CdTe Thin Films for Photovoltaic ApplicationsRakesh Roshan
Development of Electrical Vehicle - MechanicalSangram Mudali
Development of embedded mechanical cell phone charger Part ISatya Sopan Mahato
Development of embedded mechanical cell phone charger Part IISatya Sopan Mahato
Development of PMU HardwareCH MURTHY
Development of Thin Film For Sensing ApplicationsSHRABANI MAHATA
Effect of Doping on CdS Thin films for Photvoltaic ApplicationsRakesh Roshan
Effect of inlet air temperature on the performance efficiency of an internal combustion engingSAMBIT KUMAR MOHAPATRA
Fabrication and Characteristics of Composite from Sugarcane Bagasse and Plastic Waste for Domestic Thermal InsulationAjoy Kumar Nandy
Fabrication of a surface profile measurement device and measurement of weld surface topographySUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Fabrication of Six Speed Constant Mesh Gear BoxRuma Roy
Heart monitoring systemSatya Sopan Mahato
HoverBoardAsutosh Sahu
Investigation of interaction of dyes with nanoparticlesSHRABANI MAHATA
Location tracking and monitoring for patients suffering from memory diseasesSUCHANDRA PAL
Multiuser Low Cost Door Access Control SystemSandipan Mallik
Pedal operating pump-1Alok Patro
pedal operating pump-2Alok Patro
PLC Based Pick And Place RobotDebasish Chowdhury
Preparation and characterization of Al-MMC formed composite followed by PM route of manufacturingSAMBIT KUMAR MOHAPATRA
Preparation & characterization of honeycomb sandwich beams -1PS Rama Sreekanth
Preparation & characterization of honeycomb sandwich beams -2PS Rama Sreekanth
Pressure drop analysis in a capillary tubeSantosh Kumar Panda
Processing and Characterization of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Short Palmyra Fibers-1Saroj Kumar Padhy
Reinforcement learning based Adaptive Control of a crawling RobotSantanu Kumar Pradhan
resource assesment unitBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
SMART Lighting (Streets) for NIST CampusSMAK Azad
smart vehicle using WPT, MC, ultrasonic obstacle detectionPurnendu Mishra
Solar Powered Water PurifierBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Study and Fabrication of Electricity Generation Using Speed BreakerAjoy Kumar Nandy
Study of Epoxy resin composite with short palmyra fibreSaroj Kumar Padhy
Study on repair of carburettor or Fuel pump Injector nozzle with EDMSUSHANTA KUMAR SAHU
Synthesis and Characterization of II-VI semiconductor materialsDuryodhan Sahu
Tribological Behavior of polymer-Based Pmcs by reinforcing with a waste material.-1Sunil Kumar Panigrahy
Wear analysis of single point cutting tool after various machining processesSaurabh Dewangan
Wireless Emergency Notice BoardSMAK Azad

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
7- level T-type inverter based on multi state switching cellManoj Kumar Kar
A Carrier-Based PWM Scheme for Matrix ConvertersALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
A comparative study of wavelet families for speech classificationGANDHAM GIRISH
A Comparison of 5 level T- type verses 3 level T- Type inverter based on multi state switching cellGubbala Kedarnath
A C omputational Dynamic Trust M odel for User AuthorizationSoma Hazra
Adaptive Virtual Machine Allocation Algorithms for Cloud-hosted Elastic Media ServicesRabindra Kumar Shial
A dual-band Wilkinson power divider with bandwidth enhancementDebabandana Apta
A Dual-Element Dual-Band MIMO Antenna System with Enhanced Isolation for 4G Mobile Wireless ApplicationsASIT KUMAR PANDA
A general model for MAC protocol selectionSMAK Azad
A Generic Empirical Model of Photovoltaic for Parameter Extraction and OptimizationSatya Sopan Mahato
A Hybridised job scheduling algorithm for Computational GridArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Air flow and Temperature Distribution Under Radiative and Conductive Heat through Wall: A Case Study of Room no.-ATR416Ajoy Kumar Nandy
All-Optical Format Conversion for multichannel M-ary PSK SignalsPrabhudutta Pradhan
A Localization Method for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Multi distance PredictionAshish Kumar Dass
A Miniaturized Ring Slot AntennaSASMITA NAYAK
Analysing turbulence in a 2-D cavity flowSouren Mishra
Analysis and optimization of active power and delay of 1-bit full adder using 250nm technologyMitu Baral
Analysis of Non-saturation Upturns in Capacitance–Voltage Characteristics for MOS DevicesSandipan Mallik
Analysis of Process control using finite markav chainsSMAK Azad
Analysis of Traffic big data prediction and visualizationMotahar Reza
An application of Quadratic Programming to Portfolio SelectionBHASKAR BHAULA
An Improved position based Vehicular Ad Hoc Routing Protocol for City EnvironmentsPrasant Kumar Mohanty
An Investigation of Security Threats in Cognitive Radio NetworkSantosh Kumar Acharya
A novel approach to identify optimal access point and capacity of multiple DGs in a small, medium and large scale radial distribution systemsAditya Prasad Padhy
A Novel Cost Minimization Approach for Data Transaction in the Context of IoTRanjit Kumar Behera
Ant Colony optimization for maximizing life time of WSNGarimella Vivekanand
Anti wind up scheme for PI and P+ Resonant controllerTusar Kumar Dash
A Power factor correction (PFC)-based SEPIC and BL ZETA converter-fed brushless dc motor (BLDC) drive for low power applicationsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Approximate Vector Magnitude ComputationBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
A selection based routing protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworkPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Average Clock Time Synchronization in wireless sensor network by pairwise messagesDeepika Rani Sahu
Bottle Plant Automation using SCADADebasish Chowdhury
Bubble dynamic study in a bubble absorber by using CFDSantosh Kumar Panda
Calculation of Temperature of different celestial body from its spectrum using R-spec software and star analyzerDEEPANJALI MISHRA
Cloud Infrastructure Resource Allocation for Big Data ApplicationsRanjit Kumar Behera
Cognitive MIMO RadioSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Color Image Denoising Using Guided FilterSatyabrata Das
Compact MIMO Slot Antenna for UWB ApplicationsSASMITA NAYAK
comparative analysis of DOA algorithms in presence of faulty sensor in wireless sensor networkSrinivas Roula
Compare and contrast different localization algorithmsAshish Kumar Dass
Comparison of performance of controller in improving the voltage profile of Single phase inverter for linear and non-linear loadsTusar Kumar Dash
Controller Design for Grid Connected PV SystemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Controller Design For Stabilization of Rotor Bearing SystemSatyabrata Das
Coordinated V-f and P-Q Control of Solar Photovoltaic Generators With MPPT and Battery Storage in MicrogridsAditya Prasad Padhy
Cost Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing Supported Medical Cyber-Physical SystemK.hemant Kumar Reddy
Crypto Security using modified El Gammel encryptionSoma Hazra
DC/DC Buck Power Converter on a Hierarchical Control of a DC MotorPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Deadline Based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows on CloudsRabindra Kumar Shial
Design and Aerodynamic Analysis of a aerofoil to Improve PerformanceMotahar Reza
Design and Implementation of 64 -bit Parallel CRC generation using XILINX-ISEMitu Baral
Design and Implementation of 8x8 Booth Encoded Wallace Tree Multiplier using FPGAMitu Baral
Design and Performance Enhancement of DRA using MetamaterialASIT KUMAR PANDA
Design and Simulation of Photonic-Crystal-Enhanced Thermophotovoltaic DevicesMihir Hota
Design and Simulation of transformer less Single Phase Photovoltaic Inverter without battery for Domestic ApplicationDHIRENDRA KUMAR MALIK
Design,Development and Testing of Disc Shape Flying SaucerRuma Roy
Designing & comparison of road bridgesRavi Kanth Sriwastav
Design of Arithmetic Circutis using NCL TechniqueM.suresh
Design of IIR Filter using distributed Arithmatic Lookup TableSANGITA RANI PANDA
Design of Proportional integral & Derivative controller for Load Frequency Control of Static Synchronous Series Compensator based multi area power systemRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Development of path following controller for controlling the two-link manipulatorBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Development of the PID controller for controlling the two-link robotic manipulatorBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Distributed average consensus in wireless sensor networkDeepika Rani Sahu
Distributed Byzantine fault detection technique in wireless sensor networks based on hypothesis testingBhabani Sankar Gouda
Distributed Self Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks using Sparse NetworkBhabani Sankar Gouda
Distributed soft fault detection algorithm in wireless sensor networks using statistical testBhabani Sankar Gouda
Dynamic analysis of buildingsRavi Kanth Sriwastav
ECG For Biometric RecognizationRaja Rajeswari
Economic load dispatch using GAArabinda Panda
Effect of ring baffle configurations in a circulating fluidized bed riser using CFD simulationSantosh Kumar Panda
Electricity price forecasting using neural networkManoj Kumar Kar
ELM based signature for lung tissue classificationJatindra Kumar Dash
Energy Efficient Resource Management in Virtualized Cloud Data CentersK.hemant Kumar Reddy
Energy efficient scheduling of virtual machines in cloud with deadline constraintRabindra Kumar Shial
Energy management strategy for a battery- PV stand-alone systemRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Estimation of Fetal Heart Rate Variability Using Doppler UltrasoundRaja Rajeswari
Event detection and Localization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks using Monitoring CoursesAshish Kumar Dass
Eye diagram with raised cosine filteringBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
Fault tolerant event detection in a wireless sensor networkRuchika Padhi
Fault tolerantfcontrol strategy for networked control systemsSMAK Azad
Feature Selection for Motion Segmentation in VideoPradeep Kumar Jena
Field control DC Motor and analysisSantanu Kumar Pradhan
FIR Filter Implimentation Using Circular BufferBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
Formation control of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles using PID controllerBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Free Vibrational analysis of a composite sandwich structure using FEM method-2SANTOSH KUMAR SAHOO
frequency control of a power system with DG using hybrid fuzzy PI controller in presence of PEVSasmita Padhy
Frequency Handoff in Cognetive Radio NetworksBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
Fruit Basket Analyzer using segmentation and texture patternCharulata Palai
Ga based MPPT for SPVArabinda Panda
General Roboust control of Rotor bearing sytem using Hinf loop designAbhro Mukherjee
Gravitational search algorithm based load frequency controller for interconnected power systemRajendra Kumar Khadanga
gride connected solar photovoltaic systemRakesh Sahoo
Group Key Agreement with Local ConnectivitySoma Hazra
Harmonics Mitigation Using Active Power FilterDHIRENDRA KUMAR MALIK
Hybrid forecasting model using fuzzy logic for short term load forecastingShom Prasad Das
Hybrid Multilevel Converters: Unified Analysis and Design ConsiderationsGubbala Kedarnath
Ideation of InGaN/GaN MQW based Insulated Gate Light Emitting Diode for bias dependent optical device applicationsPalash Das
Image restoration using texture synthesisPradeep Kumar Jena
Image retrieval using local & global featuresCharulata Palai
Inventory Management SystemUMAKANTA MISHRA
Iris Image Enhancement and Recognition using Template MatchingPradeep Kumar Jena
Load Frequency Control (LFC)Of a two area power system using PI controllerRakesh Sahoo
Load frequency control of a dual mode PI controllers for interconnected power system using Soft-Computing techniquesRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Local Ternary Patterns (LTP) for Texture classificationGANDHAM GIRISH
Local tri-directional patterns for texture classificationGANDHAM GIRISH
Mathematical Approach to Choice-locking for Admission into Technical Institutions using portfolio theoryBHASKAR BHAULA
MATLAB simulink based modelling to study the effect of partial shadow on solar PV arrayBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
MHD stagnation point flow of non-Newtonian between parallel porous plates with uniform blowingMotahar Reza
Mining Analysis on User Search Behavior Based on HadoopRanjit Kumar Behera
Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Two-Stage Inverter for Battery operationTusar Kumar Dash
Modeling and control of a single phase inverter with linear and non-linear loadsTusar Kumar Dash
mu analysis controller design for stabilization of bearing rotor system systemAbhro Mukherjee
Multi-quantized local binary patterns for facial gender classificationGANDHAM GIRISH
MU-MIMO user scheduling with coordinated beamformingSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Neural networks for pattern-based short-term load forecastingManoj Kumar Kar
Novel E-Payment System: Secluded and SecureSUBHANKAR GHATAK
Numerical and Experimental investigation of steady suction control of flow around a circular cylinder 02Aruna Kumar Samantaray
Numerical experiment for momentum and heat transfer of Lid Driven Cavity ProblemMotahar Reza
Numerical Study of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Rectangular Fin for Cooling of Automobile EngineMotahar Reza
Numerical Study of Orifice Flow Meter with a Different Diameter and Analysis of Temperature and Pressure Distribution on Fluid Flow using ANSYS SoftwareAjoy Kumar Nandy
Object tracking in a Video surveillance systemCharulata Palai
OFDM channel synchronising techniqesSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Online health monitoringSUCHANDRA PAL
Online Information System with time table geneartorGarimella Vivekanand
Operational analysis of Biogas based Cold StorageBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Optimal Distance Based Transmission Strategy for Lifetime Maximization of WSNGarimella Vivekanand
Optimal Placement of PMU Using Bat AlgorithmCH MURTHY
Optimal Placement of PMU Using Genetic AlgorithmCH MURTHY
Optimal Placement of PMU Using Particle Swarm Optimization TechniqueCH MURTHY
Optimal Placement of PMU Using Rain Drop AlgorithmCH MURTHY
Optimal Placement of PMU Using Soft Computing TechniquesCH MURTHY
Optimum location of shear wall in RC buildingsRavi Kanth Sriwastav
OTDM-to-WDM Conversion Using Fourier TransformationPrabhudutta Pradhan
Parallel Simulation of some Combinatorial AlgorithmsAnisur Rahman
PC based emergency ambulance systemSUCHANDRA PAL
PD Modulation Scheme for Three-Phase Parallel Multilevel InvertersManoj Kumar Kar
Performance Analysis of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle ApplicationPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Performance analysis of copper–indium–gallium–diselenide (CIGS) solar cellsSandipan Mallik
Performance analysis of Fins attached to vertical tube in Natural convectionASWINI KUMAR KHUNTIA
Performance Evaluation of Optical OFDM System Using Different Modulation TechniquesDebabandana Apta
Photovoltaic Power system with Battery backup with Grid-Connection and Islanded Operation CapabilitiesAditya Prasad Padhy
Power Efficient Provisioning for Online Virtual Network Requests in Cloud-Based Data CentersK.hemant Kumar Reddy
power system Stability studies using MatlabNiranjan Sahu
Predicting Customer Cancellation of Cab Bookings using Data MiningPrasun Dutta
Properties of cement mortar incorporating with different percentage of crusher dustRakesh Kumar Patra
Properties of cement mortar incorporating with different percentage of fly ashRakesh Kumar Patra
Quantitative Approach to Portfolio SelectionBHASKAR BHAULA
Reconstruction from Digital Holograms by Statistical MethodsAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Riccati Based Robust controller for stabilization of rotor bearing systemAbhro Mukherjee
Riccati Based Robust controller for stabilization of rotor bearing systemincluding the internnal damping of the rotorAbhro Mukherjee
Robust Frequency Control in an Islanded MicrogridRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Salient Region Detection Using Local and Global Spatial SupportCharulata Palai
Secure Three Party Authenticated Quantum Key Distribution ProtocolSoma Hazra
Seismic Response of soft-storey buildingsRavi Kanth Sriwastav
sensorless BLDC motor speed control with ANN systemArabinda Panda
sensorless BLDC motor speed control with FUZZY based systemArabinda Panda
shell and tube heat exchanger design using CFD toolsSantosh Kumar Panda
Shunt Active filter based on interleaved buck converterTusar Kumar Dash
Simulating A Lightweight Map ReducerAnisur Rahman
Simulating Processor Scheduler using pthreadsAnisur Rahman
Simulation and analysis of a power system for different power quality issues using ANNNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
simulation of filter using MATLABM.suresh
Simulation of Hybrid Solar CellSatya Sopan Mahato
Simulator to test Serializability of Concurrent TransactionAnisur Rahman
Soft-Switching in DC-DC ConvertersALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Space Vector PWM Control for Three-Phase Bridge InverterALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio network using Energy Detection TechniqueSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Spectrum Sensing Technique for Cognitive Radio SystemSantosh Kumar Acharya
Static and dynamic analysis of steel diagrid structureSuryamani Behera
Step-Up Converter Based Bootstrap Capacitors and Boost Inductors for Industrial ApplicationsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Study and analysis of power system stability using MATLABNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
Study and Simulation of Phasor Measurement Unit for Wide Area Measurement SystemArabinda Panda
Study of adaptive beamforming techniquesSrinivas Roula
study of effect of applied magnetic field on degree of spin polarization in a LED containing CdTe quantum dot in the active regionDEEPANJALI MISHRA
Study of Euler equation through the Local Lax Friedrich central solverSouren Mishra
Supporting Seamless Virtual Machine Migration via Named Data Networking in Cloud Data CenterRabindra Kumar Shial
Surface roughness of aluminum and its alloyRuma Roy
Swarm inetelligence based topology maintainace protocol for WSNGarimella Vivekanand
System level Fault detection in wireless sensor networksDeepika Rani Sahu
Telephone Network connection with the maximum bandwidth using dijkstra’s algoTAPAS KR BAYEN
Texture features for Lung Tissue Classification: A Comparative studyJatindra Kumar Dash
Time delay approach for Power System Stabilizer and Static Synchronous Sereis Compensator based coordinated controller designRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Torsion mode actuated MEMS Micro Mirror performance studyRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Transient stability Enhancement of a 110/11KV substation using ETAPSasmita Padhy
Transmission Line Fault Analysis using Bus Impedance Matrix MethodNiranjan Sahu
T- Type Inverter based on multistate switching cellGubbala Kedarnath
Tuning of PID controller of linear systems using Zigler-Nichols methodBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Two Machine Learning Approaches for Short-Term Wind Speed Time-Series PredictionK.hemant Kumar Reddy
Univariate Time Series Forecasting using AutoencodersMotahar Reza
User sceduling in MU-MIMO broadcast channel with limited feedback using user pairing and precodingSwadhin Kumar Mishra
variable structure sliding mode controller for stabilization of rotor bearing systemAbhro Mukherjee
Verifivation of converter topology in a stand alone PV systemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Video SummarizationJatindra Kumar Dash
Water resources in climatic change scenarioPadminee Samal
Weather prediction using Hadoop Map-Reduce ecosystemMotahar Reza
Wind Energy Controller DesignBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
A Voice Activated Computer SystemCharulata Palai
Energy Efficient Optimal Provisioning of Applications in a Cloud EnvironmentK.hemant Kumar Reddy
Image Enahancement using frequency domain analysisPradeep Kumar Jena
Image enhancement with multi-sensor image fusionPradeep Kumar Jena
Implementation of ACL ( Access Control List ) Using JavaRabindra Kumar Shial
Item-based filtering for big data applicationsK Lakshmi Narayana
Rainfall prediction of Ganjam District using Soft Computing TechniquesSibarama Panigrahi

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
An Android App For EmployeesAshutosh Sarangi
Android App for Conformal MapMotahar Reza
A new paradigm for domain-specific languagesK Lakshmi Narayana
Classification using SQL query node and RUJJAL DEY
Cloud based Mathematical software ( SEMAT) : Statistical toolMotahar Reza
Cloud Operating System(COS)PADHY SASMITA
Comparative analysis of AES, DES and ECCCh Sree Kumar
Computer Aided Detection of Emphysema in lung HRCTJatindra Kumar Dash
Data Scraping with PHPAshutosh Sarangi
Data Viewpoints: Web based Mathematical Software for data analysisMotahar Reza
Decision Coverage analyzer for JAVASantosh Kumar Kar
Developing a 3D Space Invader gameAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Developing a Collision Detection 3D GameAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Developing a Method Analyzer Tool in JavaAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Distributed stream processing for machine learning and data analyticsMotahar Reza
Easy Texi: An Android AppPADHY SASMITA
Em-Alert (An alert system for Emergency Situations)ARUNIMA SAMBHUTA PATTANAYAK
ETL using informatica powercenterArnab Banerjee
Fast MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoding for Intra Frame in Transform DomainSiddharth B. Neelamani
Health care management systemRajesh Kumar Dash
Image Inpainting Application in a CloudDebananda Kanhar
Job Scheduler using PHPUJJAL DEY
Laundrize: An Android AppPADHY SASMITA
M-Kishan: A App for FarmersAsutosh Sahu
modelling of critical gap on capacity of roundaboutKALPANA SAHOO
NIST CLUB ZONE - An Android AppPrasun Dutta
Online Picture Management systemAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Path Coverage analyzer for JAVASantosh Kumar Kar
RE EstimatorBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
RESQ: A 3D GAMEDebananda Kanhar
Smart Music Player - An Android AppBISWAJIT JENA
SOKOBAN in 3DSantosh Kumar Kar
Statement coverage analyzer for JAVASantosh Kumar Kar
Student Guide - A Cross platform using PhoneGapArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
UtilHelp: An Utility Service Provider's PortalBhawani Shankar Patnaik
A SEO tool to debug web postingsSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Chess Board GameSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Design of a Teaching tool explaining different type of Asymmetric-Key CryptographyAshish Kumar Dass
Design of a Teaching tool for demonstration of different types of AutomataPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Diamond HunterSantosh Kumar Kar
The Morris GamePrasun Dutta
Web-RecoBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Window Nano Mobile : Apps for Energy ApplicationRajeev Ranjan

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
AI Powered Bot for Smart HomeBhawani Shankar Patnaik
AIRQUALBikash Narayan panda
Analysis of welded joint in Mild steelSaurabh Dewangan
Aqualysis - A water Quality testerAsutosh Sahu
Automatic Multistoried Car Parking SystemRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Auto-Tracking CameraSiddharth B. Neelamani
Braille ReaderBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Cascade control approch to achoeve control of a batch process systemAbhro Mukherjee
Design and Implementation of an Automated Text Messaging for Faculty Availability InformationPalash Das
Design and Implementation of GPRS controlled home automation system on FPGA using verilog FSMMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design and implementation of land rover for aerospace application using Raspberry-Pi and FPGAMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design and Implementation of Low Cost Low Frequency PC based OscilloscopePalash Das
Design and Implementation of Low Cost Medicine ReminderPalash Das
Design and implementation of UART transceiver with adjustable baud rate on FPGA using Verilog FSMMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design and implementation of wireless controlled land rover on FPGA using VerilogMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design and Implementation of Wireless controlled Quiz Buzzer System on FPGA Using FSMMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design of Prototype Welding Machine Using PLCSatyabrata Das
Design of Robotic arm using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Determination of flow stress and friction co-efficient of Al-XXXX from cylindrical billet compression test : numerical and experimental investigationSAMBIT KUMAR MOHAPATRA
Development of Electric Vehicle - AutonomousSangram Mudali
EEG-Based Driver assistantRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Experimental and Numerical analysis of the perforamance of single point cutting tool during turning operationSaurabh Dewangan
Fully Automated Three Terminal Device I-V Characterization SetupPalash Das
Home Security SystemSiddharth B. Neelamani
IOT Shield for PiBikash Narayan panda
Lift modeling and control using Variable Frequency DriveDebasish Chowdhury
Macro Demonstration of a SMA based BioMEMS Drug Delivery SystemPalash Das
Microcontroller based low cost health monitoring systemDebasish Chowdhury
Office Automation (Faculty Availability Status)SMAK Azad
Pencil sorting AutomationRakesh Kumar Patnaik
PLC based automation of a cofee machineAbhro Mukherjee
Prototype Bottle Cleaning and Sterilizing Using PLCSatyabrata Das
Smart Care -Using ESP8266 WiFi ModuleAsutosh Sahu
Smart LampBikash Narayan panda
Smart Lighting SystemSiddharth B. Neelamani
Temperature Controller Using Arduino/LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Vitual DrumBhawani Shankar Patnaik

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
A brief study on Vapour Absorption Refrigeration SystemSantosh Kumar Panda
A Case Study on HR Practices and Industrial DevelopmentSudhir Panigrahi
A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal systemSudhir Panigrahi
Cosmological Models: An Eclectic Approach to unravel the UniverseBISHNUKAR NAYAK
Hard rock cutting technique by abrasive water jet technologySaurabh Dewangan
Impact of Online Media on Purchase Intention for Fashion Products . A Study on Engineering College Students in OdishaBhanu Prasad Behera
pedestrian-vehicle interaction at roundaboutKALPANA SAHOO
Role of IoT in the realization of Smart CitiesRanjit Kumar Behera
Solar-powered systems for cooling, dehumidification and air-conditioningAruna Kumar Samantaray
Study of compressive behaviour of GFRP confined concrete columnRamakanta Choudhury
Study on query optimization in unstructured databasesParimal Kumar Giri
Testing the Stock Market Efficiency in IndiaPramath Nath Acharya
Use of high volume fly ash in rigid pavementSiddhartha Sekhar Mishra

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2012-2016

Category : Design and Modelling `
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Experimental investigation on design parameter variability of honeycomb sandwich structures with nanocomposite skinsPS Rama Sreekanth
Tribological characterization of carbon nanotube based polymer nanocompositesPS Rama Sreekanth
32-tap REMEZ based High Pass Filter for low cost MP3 player DesignDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Cache oblivious algorithms - An algorithmic perspectiveCh Sree Kumar
Chip to Sytem design for RE applicationDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Comparative Study of various LNA topologies using HEMTRajesh Kumar Dash
Constant and High speed adder design using QSD number systemDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Cu schottky contact characteristics on high Al content AlGaN/GaN heterostructuresPalash Das
data deduplication technique for different file typesPrasun Dutta
Design & Analysis of pressure vessel for chemical industryRuma Roy
Design & Analysis of Sugar Cane CrusherRuma Roy
Design and fabrication of a low cost water lifting device for rural peopleAswini Kumar Khuntia
Design and fabrication of solar rice harvester-1Santosh Kumar Sahoo
Design and fabrication of solar rice harvester-2Santosh Kumar Sahoo
Design and implement network simulator for Dynamic Routing ProtocolsRabindra Kumar Shial
Design and Modelling of the CdS/CdTe Photovoltaic cellRakesh Roshan
Design Library of a DFF and 4:1 MUX using Virtuoso and Altos Library characterizerDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design of a Solar CookerTapano Kumar Hotta
Design of IC tester Using LabVIEWKunja Bihari Swain
Design of Low Voltage,Wilson Current Mirror based Wideband Operational Transconductance AmplifierMitu Baral
Design of PWM CircuitDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Design & Verification of a mixed language Drink Machine system for low power usagesDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Development of Phasor Measurement Unit Prototype Using LabVIEWCH Murthy
Diameter Constraint spanning trees from a complete connected graphTapas Kr Bayen
Event Detection in WAMS using PMUSim and HadoopDiptendu Sinha Roy
Experimental Investigation of Electrical Discharge machining parametersNitesh Dhar Badgayan
Feasibility study and development of domestic refrigerator cum air conditionerAlok Patro
Flexible Superhydrophobic SurfaceSukanta Tripathy
Generating Cryptographically secure sequenece of pseudo random bit using OpenMpAnisur Rahman
High Speed Modified Booth Encoder Multiplier for signed and unsigned numbersDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Implementation of OFDM system using IFFT and FFTDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Mechanical characterization of polymer nanocompositesPS Rama Sreekanth
Modeling of Output parameters and cutting force analysis in conventional machining techniqueNitesh Dhar Badgayan
Modelling of current mode control of a switching DC-DC converter (Buck step- down and/or Boost step down) for use in Cadence ToolDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Parameter estimation in heat transfer problems using steady state and transient experimentsTapano Kumar Hotta
preparation of a novel Al-alloy based composite by reinforcing with a waste coconut shale ash materialSunil Kumar Panigrahy
Preparation of a novel Al-alloy based composite by reinforcing with a waste material i.e. rice husk particlesSunil Kumar Panigrahy
Recognizing Planer Graphs using HPCAnisur Rahman
Spectral Characteristics of Quantum Dots (PbS) coated fiber for Photonics ApplicationSukanta Tripathy
Stabilization of micro- rotors with Hamiltonian methods of optimal controlAbhro Mukherjee
Steiner Tree Problem's Heuristic with Minimum Spanning Tree ProblemAnisur Rahman
Study of advanced nonvolatile memory devicesDebashis Panda
Study on RE based Cold StorageSangram Mudali
Synthesis,Charachterisation of CdTe/ZnTe core/Shell quantum dots- enclosed by a thin gold layer for Solar cell applicationSukanta Tripathy
Synthesis, Characterization and Analytical Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of a Conducting Polymer ActuatorShasanka Sekhar Dalai
Synthesis of Magnesium hydroxide nanoparticle from different precursor by co-precipitation methodsManabendra Patra
Tribological studies on Al-alloy based composite prepared from rice husk particlesVenkata Siva SB
VCO design using Cadence - 1Dr. Ajit Kumar Panda
VCO design using Cadence Tool - 2Dr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Wear studies on Al-alloy based composite prepared from waste material (coconut shale ash)Venkata Siva SB

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Automatic Vehicle Speed Control and Drivers Assistant with Traffic Sign Recognition System Rakesh Kumar Patnaik
Characteristics of fibre reinforced composites (Student Idea Project)Aruna Kumar Samantaray
Current conduction mechanisms in HfO2 MOS CapacitorSandipan Mallik
Design and development of Solar cloth dryerAnish Kumar
Designing and Manufacturing of Low Cost, High Efficient Smokeless Stove/Chulha: Its Applicability in Rural SectorPS Rama Sreekanth
Design of a robotic arm for picking and placing an object using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Design of Rotary Encoder Sensor for measuring Front Wheel Angular Position of a CarAbhro Mukherjee
Development of HMI for Industrial Process ControlSMAK Azad
Effect of concentration, doping length of CdTe quantum dots on transmission efficiencyPurnendu Mishra
Effect of different machining processes on characteristics of metals: EDM, CNC and Conventional machiningAswini Kumar Khuntia
Exhaust gas performance analysis of IC enginesAruna Kumar Samantaray
Fabrication and characterization of indium diffused on siliconSukanta kumar swain
Fabrication and characterization of ZnSe quantum dots based MOSSukanta kumar swain
Failure Analysis Of TIG Welded 304 Stainless Steel But jointHemant Kumar Nayak
Farm Automation using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Higher Altitude Surveillance Drone Rajesh Kumar Dash
Logging/Monitoring of the Bio-mass Gasifier Plant in NISTBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Logging/Monitoring of the Kitchen waste -Biogas plant in NISTBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Logging/Monitoring of the SCP Steam plant in NISTBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Low Cost Door Access Control SystemSandipan Mallik
Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitor using Plant ProteinSatya Sopan Mahato
Microstructure and Mechanical properties of dissimilar metal welding by TIG and electric Arc weldHemant Kumar Nayak
Nano Electric Car - ISangram Mudali
Nano Electric Car - IISangram Mudali
Patient Tracking System using LabVIEW (Sankalp Project)Satyabrata Das
performance analysis of CI engine fuelled with preheated vegetable oil blend and corresponding biodiesel blend using metal based nano-particles as additivesAlok Patro
PLC Based Application of Process AutomationSMAK Azad
PLC Based Automatic Multistoried Car Parking SystemRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Preparation and Characterization of Quantum dot sensitized solar cellDuryodhan Sahu
PV training KIT (Student Idea Project)Bhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Real Time data aquisition using SMART MeteringNiranjan Sahu
Smart Tag System development For People Tracking indoor (Sankalp Project)Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Spectrum Response MeterBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Study on microstructure and mechanical properties of 304 stainless steel joints by TIG welding, Oxy-acetylene Gas welding and Electric arc weldingAswini Kumar Khuntia
Tensile and Flexural Behaviour with Characterization of hybrid Bio-Composite Reinforced with Walnut shell Particles and coconut Fibres (Student Idea Project)Hemant Kumar Nayak
Utilization of Kitchen waste for production of bio gasSatyanarayana Kumbha
Wind Energy Training System (Student Idea Project)Bhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Wireless Real time Data Aquisition for Process Control using LabviewSMAK Azad

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting ApplicationsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Acceleration of Wavefront Applications using Distributed Many-Core ArchitecturesMotahar Reza
A Comparative Review on various Detection Techniques for MIMO MultiplexingSwadhin Kumar Mishra
A comparison of Iris image segmentation by using Hough Transformation and Integro-Differential methodPradeep Kumar Jena
Active Noise Cancellation SystemSukanti Pal
Adaptive Multi-path On-Demand Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc networkRabindra Kumar Shial
A Design of Security Protocol using Hybrid Encryption TechniqueSoma Hazra
A Genetic Programming Approach to Record DeduplicationK.hemant Kumar Reddy
AKeyword-AwareService Recommendation Method on MapReduce for Big Data ApplicationsRanjit Kumar Behera
A multi-protocol real-time monitoring and validation systemSMAK Azad
Analysis of control interval for foundation fieldbusSMAK Azad
Analysis of ECG signal for the detection of myocardial ischemia using LabVIEWSUCHANDRA PAL
Analysis of various clock gating techniques in digital sequential circutis using EDA toolsM.suresh
Analysis of Wireless Media Access Control for Real time data AquisitionSMAK Azad
An Area-Efficient CMOS Control Circuit with On-Chip Clock for Automated Display Management SystemMukesh Kumar Sukla
an efficient algorithm for enumerating all the spanning trees in a complete graphTAPAS KR BAYEN
A New Quick-Response and High-Efficiency Control Strategy of an Induction MotorDHIRENDRA KUMAR MALIK
ANN based Communication Protocol for Process AutomationSMAK Azad
An Optimal Approach to Portfolio Selection under riskBHASKAR BHAULA
A parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimal operation of Home Energy Management SystemsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Artificial Intelligence Based Speed Control of Brushless DC MotorArabinda Panda
A Self-Adaptive Evolutiuonary Algorithm for Global OptimizationSibarama Panigrahi
A Task scheduling algorithm for Distributed Computing EnvironmentDebananda Kanhar
Automated Fruit Recognition using Color and Zernike FeaturesCharulata Palai
BER Performance Analysis for Various MIMO-OFDM Signal Detectors in LTESwadhin Kumar Mishra
calculation of mass of elements present in a celestial body from its spectrum using star analyzer and RSpec softwareDEEPANJALI MISHRA
Census Data ExplorationDebananda Kanhar
CFD analysis of Circulating Fluidized bed CombustionSubhransu Sekhar Mallick
CGH Algorithm based on Recurrence relation MethodAsesh Kumar Tripathy
classification of granites using texture featureGANDHAM GIRISH
Clock Synchronization and Ranging in Wireless Sensor NetworksARUNANSHU MAHAPATRA
Cloud based Optimization tool ( SEMAT) in Elastic FrameworkMotahar Reza
Cognitive Radio Sensor NetworksARUNANSHU MAHAPATRA
Color Image Enhancement Using Particle Swarm OptimizationSukanti Pal
Communication Performance Analysis of WorldFIP Fieldbus NetworkSMAK Azad
Comparative Study between Several Direction of Arrival Estimation MethodsSrinivas Roula
Compare and Contrast Different Lossless Image Compression AlgorithmsAshish Kumar Dass
Comparison of different MPPT algorithm for design of PV arrayBalakrushna Sahu
Comparison of gate leakage characteristics among conventional and graded barrier AlGaN/GaN HEMT structuresPalash Das
Comparison of InAlN/GaN, InAlN/InGaN/GaN and conventional AlGaN/GaN HEMT structuresPalash Das
Congestion management with Bat algorithmArabinda Panda
Constructing cost-effective and targetable industrial control system honeypots for production networksSMAK Azad
Content Based Image Retrieval Using Color and Shape FeaturesAshish Kumar Dass
Controller parameter tuning of differential algorithm and its application to load frequency control of multi source power systemSasmita Padhy
Coordinated Control of PSS and FACT devices for Improving Power System Oscillations in Multi-Machine SystemNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
CUDA-enabled Hadoop cluster for accelerating Fast Fourier TransformsPrasant Kumar Mohanty
CUDA-enabled Parallel approach of Collaborative FilteringPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Cyber Physical Systems Approach to Power SystemCH MURTHY
Data Compression and Decompression by using LZ77 algorithmSoma Hazra
Denoising Dirty DocumentsDebananda Kanhar
Design and analysis of SSSC-based supplementary damping controllerRakesh Sahoo
Design and Implementation of A Genetic Algorithm based Steganographic SchemeSUBHANKAR GHATAK
Design and Implementation of Optimized Visual Cryptographic Shares for Face PrivacySUBHANKAR GHATAK
Design and optimization of a SSSC based wide area controller for damping of inter-area oscillationsNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
Design and Performance Analysis of Multiplexer in Different Low Power TechniquesM.suresh
Design and simulation of AC-DC-AC PWM converterRajesh Panda
Design and Simulation of Compact pannar Rectinna for Mobile communicationPradyumna Kumar Patra
Design and simulation of Direct Memory Access Controller using HDLM.suresh
Design and Simulation of Phased Array AntennasPradyumna Kumar Patra
Design and synthesis of a FIFO using EDA ToolsM.suresh
Design of 100 Mbps Ethernet receiver on FPGA Using Nexys-3 boardMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design of 100 Mbps Ethernet transmitter on FPGA using Nexys-3 BoardMANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI
Design of a Compact Reversible Carry Look Adhea Adder using Dynamic Programming using EDA ToolsM.suresh
Design of aerospace control using fractional PID ControllerAbhro Mukherjee
Design of a Sensor for Strain Measurement using Photonic Crystal FiberMihir Hota
Design of a teaching tool explaining different Cipher TechniquesAshish Kumar Dass
Design of MAP detector in optical domainDebabandana Apta
Design of MIMO based damping controller using mixed H2/H infinity synthesis techniqueBalakrushna Sahu
Design of Single Stage PV array for Grid IntigrationBalakrushna Sahu
Design of Wearable Antenna for Body Centric Wireless CommunicationASIT KUMAR PANDA
Detecting Edge of digital image using Shen Castan MethodAnisur Rahman
Detection of Emphysema in lung HRCT using Local Binary PatternsJatindra Kumar Dash
Detection of node failure in under water sensor networksARUNANSHU MAHAPATRA
Development of Adaptive path following controller for autonomous underwater vehiclesBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Development of path following controller for autonomous underwater vehiclesBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Development of PD path following control algorithm for under-actuated autonomous underwater vehiclesBASANT KUMAR SAHU
Distributed Localization of Sensor NetworksARUNANSHU MAHAPATRA
Dynamic mechanical analysis of PVDF filmsShasanka Sekhar Dalai
ECDSA in WSN for Enhancing energy efficiencyRuchika Padhi
ECG-based patient authentication for remote health monitoringSUCHANDRA PAL
Economic Load Dispatch with Bat algorithmArabinda Panda
Effective oscillation damping of an inter connected multi-source power system with automatic generation control and TCSCSasmita Padhy
Effect of Li-hydroxide on theefficiency in a solution based CZTSSe solar cellSukanta Tripathy
Effects of Spatial Correlation on the Sum Rate in MU-MIMO SystemsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Efficient algorithm for Speech Enhancement using Adaptive filterSukanti Pal
Efficient fault node detection algorithm for wireless sensor networksBhabani Sankar Gouda
Efficient monitoring of suspicious activities on computer networksSMAK Azad
Electro-viscous effects on pressure-driven liquid flow in microchannelsMotahar Reza
Energy-aware resource allocation heuristics for efficient management of data centers for Cloud computingK.hemant Kumar Reddy
Energy efficient MAC protocol with adaptive wakeup preambleDeepika Rani Sahu
Evaluation of Unscheduled Communication in Foundation Feildbus of Real time Industrial ProcessSMAK Azad
Evolving ant colony optimization based unit commitmentArabinda Panda
Fast document image mosaicing using Zernike momentCharulata Palai
Fault Detection & Deployment in wireless sensor network using Distributed ApproachBhabani Sankar Gouda
Fingerprint image reconstruct using wavelet transformationPradeep Kumar Jena
Fluid dynamic characteristics of single phase turbulent jetAruna Kumar Samantaray
Fractional Order approach for sub optimal tuning of PID ControllerAbhro Mukherjee
Fuzzy based Local Feature Enhancement for Finger Print recognitionPradeep Kumar Jena
Fuzzy based speed control of Induction Motor for Variable Frequency Drive ApplicationsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Fuzzy class membership using Naïve Bayes classifier for content-based image retrievalJatindra Kumar Dash
Fuzzy Logic controller for active magnetic bearing stabilisotionAbhro Mukherjee
Fuzzy Time Series ForecastingSibarama Panigrahi
GaAsxP1-x on Silicon for LED ApplicationsSatya Sopan Mahato
Gasification of biomass in a circulating fluidized bedPS Rama Sreekanth
Generation of Electricity Using Wind Energy Produced due to the Motion of TrainsCH MURTHY
Grid Interface of Wind Power With Large Split-Winding Alternator Using Cascaded Multilevel InverterGubbala Kedarnath
Grid- Synchronization Algorithms Based on Phase-locked Loop for DG SystemsPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
High frequency characteristics of GaN/SiC-based IMPATTsDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
H Infinity Loop Design Stabilization Methods for Control of Hydrodynamic BearingSatyabrata Das
Hybrid power system stability improvmentRakesh Sahoo
Identifying Rare Events in a Micro gridRashmita Jena
Imperical Theory developed for single Composit CSRRPradyumna Kumar Patra
Implementation and analysis of Parallel sparse linear solverMotahar Reza
implementation of bottle filling station using scadaDebasish Chowdhury
Implementation of CSMA/CD protocol for Gigabit ethernet transmitterDurga Prasad Dash
Implementation of Hamming code using FPGASANGITA RANI PANDA
Implementation of JPEG2000 using DWTMukesh Kumar Sukla
Implimentation of ECDSA in WSNRuchika Padhi
Improvement of efficiency in an Induction Motor using Genetic AlgorithmArabinda Panda
Improvement of voltage profile of single phase inverter by small signal modelTusar Kumar Dash
Influence of charged particles interaction on solar cellSatya Sopan Mahato
Influence of X-Ray radiation on solar cellSatya Sopan Mahato
Information Security using modified Playfair Cipher AlgorithmSoma Hazra
Information Sharing Between Multiple Wheeled Robots in a Common Dynamic EnvironmentDiptendu Sinha Roy
Load Frequency Control Of a four area power systemNiranjan Behera
Load Frequency Control Of a single area power systemNiranjan Behera
Load Frequency Control Of a three area power systemNiranjan Behera
Load Frequency Control Of a two area power systemNiranjan Behera
Load Shedding Application within a Micro-grid during its transition to the islanded mode of operationG.SIVA RANJANI
Local texture features for Image Retrieval: An experimental comparisonJatindra Kumar Dash
Loss estimation in all-optical CommunicationPrabhudutta Pradhan
Low power listening MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksDeepika Rani Sahu
MATLAB/SIMULINK Implementation and Analysis of pulse-width-modulation (PWM) Techniques for DC-AC ConvertersPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
Maximum Power Point (MPP) Tracking Algorithms for Photovoltaic ApplicationsPRADEEP KUMAR SAHU
Mean-varience portfolio theoryBHASKAR BHAULA
Measurement of different physiological parameters simultaneously using LabVIEWSUCHANDRA PAL
Medical Image Registration using Zernike momentPradeep Kumar Jena
Mobility Prediction in resource constraint networkBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Two-Stage Inverter for Battery ApplicationTusar Kumar Dash
Modeling and Simulation of 12-24 Pulse Transformer - Rectifier UnitPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer using PSCAD/EMTDCALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Modelling of Communication Delay in PROFIBUSSMAK Azad
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Modular Multilevel ConverterALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
MOS CV simulator and parameter extractionSandipan Mallik
MOSFET Spice parameter extraction by differential evolutionary AlgorithmDr. Ajit Kumar Panda
Movie Recommendation SystemDebananda Kanhar
Multithreaded Algorithms for Massive Graph Analysis on hybrid cpu/gpu platformMotahar Reza
Nearest Adjacent Node Discovery Scheme for Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor NetworkBhabani Sankar Gouda
One Dimensional photonic crystal structure,simulation and experiments for sensing applicationsSukanta Tripathy
OPC for Process AutomationSMAK Azad
Optimal location and controller design of STATCOM for power system stability improvement using PSORakesh Sahoo
Optimal Placement of Embedded Generation in Radial Distribution System using Hybrid based OptimizationAditya Prasad Padhy
Optimal Routing In Ad-Hoc Network Using Genetic AlgorithmRabindra Kumar Shial
Optimized multi area AGC simulation in restructured power systemsG.SIVA RANJANI
Optimum portfolio selection under riskBHASKAR BHAULA
Outlier detection in wireless sensor networkRashmita Jena
Pencil sorting using LabVIEWRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Perfomance Optimization of the CdS/CdTe Solar CellRakesh Roshan
Performance Analysis of Channel Estimation Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Communication SystemSantosh Kumar Acharya
Performance Comparison of Non-Linear and Adaptive Equalization Algorithms for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM SystemsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Performance evaluation of classifiers using wheat grain X-Ray data baseGANDHAM GIRISH
Performance evaluation of fadding channels using Alamouti STBCGANDHAM GIRISH
Position control of a Twin Roter Mimo SystemNiranjan Behera
Power Flow Analysis of NIST Electrical Distribution System Using ETAPCH MURTHY
Power Quality Disturbance Recognition using S-TransformALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Predict the use of a City Bike Share SystemShom Prasad Das
Random Waypoint Model in networked control systemsSMAK Azad
Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOMManoj Kumar Kar
Reliability Analysis of PMU Using Petri NetsCH MURTHY
Robot path planning using Fire Fly algorithmSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Robust LFC in a smart Grid with wind power penetration by cordinated V2G control and frequency controllerSasmita Padhy
Robust Sliding Mode Control Of Hydrodynamic BearingSatyabrata Das
Rotation invariant texture feature for content-based texture image retrievalJatindra Kumar Dash
San Francisco Crime ClassificationShom Prasad Das
Sensing application in a tapered optical fiber with quantum dotsSukanta Tripathy
Sentiment Analysis of Social Network Data using Big-Data Tool(s)Ranjit Kumar Behera
Short hash based signatures for WSNRuchika Padhi
Signal Processing Application in Fault Diagnosis of Three Phase TransformersALOK KUMAR PRADHAN
Simulation Analysis of Unscheduled Communication used in AutomationSMAK Azad
Simulation and design of MIMO algorithms for correlated wireless channelsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Simulation of a Windfirm of Doubly fed Induction Generator driven bya Wind turbine Using MATLABArabinda Panda
Simulation of fuzzy logic applicaitonSMAK Azad
simulation of magnetic levitation control system using nueral networkSMAK Azad
Simulation of single phase multilevel inverterManoj Kumar Kar
Simulation of Washing Machine using Fuzzy LogicSMAK Azad
Single-Stage Boost Inverter With Coupled InductorTusar Kumar Dash
Spark::Big Data Analytics using ScalaDebananda Kanhar
Speech Recognization System Using MatLabBibhuti Bhusan Mishra
Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Fed by Six Step Inverter using MatlabArabinda Panda
Speed control of induction motor by conventional and Fuzzy controlAbhro Mukherjee
Stabilization of Hydrodynamic Bearing with antisymmetric stiffens coefficients with Hamiltonian methods of controlSatyabrata Das
Stabilization of micro Rotors with added tool kit with Hamiltonian methods of optimal controlAbhro Mukherjee
Study and design of SRR loaded UWB AntennaPradyumna Kumar Patra
Study and implementation of different cluster ensemble algorithmsPrasun Dutta
Study and Simulation of impedance maching beteewn antenn and plannar fileter for RectinnaPradyumna Kumar Patra
Suppression of narrow-band interference in DS-spread spectrum systems using adaptive IIR notch filterPARTHA PRATIM DAS
SVD Based Optimal Power Allocation for MIMO ChannelSantosh Kumar Acharya
Tachometer Design using 8051 MicrocontrollerM.suresh
Three phase PWM based inverter driven Asynchronous Motor for variable load applicationsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Time Delay Analysis and Comparision of Different Industrial Communication ProtocolsSMAK Azad
Titanic: Machine Learning from DisasterShom Prasad Das
Towards the Design and Implementation of Iris Recognition through Fourier Transform with SIFTSUBHANKAR GHATAK
Two-channel computer generated hologramsAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Univariate Time Series Forecasting using Deep Belief NetworkSibarama Panigrahi
VI based Automatic emergency breaking system using LabVIEWKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
VLSI Design of a Digital Clock Using GALS TechniqueMukesh Kumar Sukla
Voltage control of stand-alone solar energy system with different converter topologyAditya Prasad Padhy
Wide-Area Damping Controller of FACTS Devices Considering Time DelaysNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
Adaptive Energy Consumption Scheduling with Load Uncertainty for the Smart GridBhabani Sankar Gouda
Algorithm for Generation of Particles and Recording of Digital HologramAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Big Data Analysis Using PigDebananda Kanhar
Comparitive study of Wireless sensor network protocolsGarimella Vivekanand
Energy-Efficient Management of Data Center Resources allocation polices for Cloud ComputingRabindra Kumar Shial
Implementation of SEP ProtocolNibedita Priyadarshini Mohapatra
Improving field lifetime of WSN using Energy Harvesting conceptNibedita Priyadarshini Mohapatra
Multimodal Biometric System - A Case Study of Voice and Signature based AuthenticationPradeep Kumar Jena
New node split measure for decision tree constructionVenkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Rapid Encryption Method Based on AES Algorithm for Grey Scale HD Image EncryptionAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Transient fault diagnosis in Wireless Sensor NetworkSaroj Kumar Satapathy

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
ACops - an android app for police departmentRashmita Jena
A cyber–physical system-based Approach for Industrial Automation SystemsSMAK Azad
A game Development Using 3D Unity, Boo, C# and JavaScriptDebananda Kanhar
Android App For OIS (Employe Desk)Rajeev Ranjan
Android App for OIS (Student Dashboard with GMAP)Rajeev Ranjan
A novel tool to visualize dynamic slicing in c programmingDeepika Rani Sahu
A Teaching tool for Hashing ConceptBidya Bhusan Padhy
Automatic Theorem ProvingPrasun Dutta
Bit-Plane Complexity Segmentation Steganography(BPCS-Steganography)Ashish Kumar Dass
Carpooling - Android AppPADHY SASMITA
Chat App with predictive textRashmita Jena
Chess GameGarimella Vivekanand
Citizen-Cop- Android AppPADHY SASMITA
Criminal Face Detection using JavaGarimella Vivekanand
Design a Calculator Using PHPAGYAN KUMAR PRUSTY
Design and development of an Android application for scientific ComputingMotahar Reza
Development of e-Learning on Basic Electronic CircuitsSMAK Azad
ECops Rashmita Jena
e-Khata Payments SystemArnab Banerjee
e-Stock Register for Electrical LaboratorySMAK Azad
File encryption using SHA2 Algorithm in CCh Sree Kumar
Hostel Management SystemBidya Bhusan Padhy
Implement a software tool to solve the heat transfer of nanofluids flowMotahar Reza
Improvement of voltage profile in a distribution network with & without DGG.SIVA RANJANI
Interacting Learning Framework from Video Lecture DatabaseSaroj Kumar Satapathy
LL(1) Parser: A teaching ToolPADHY SASMITA
MARKSTUDIO-2.0: a BPUT mark Analysis SystemDebananda Kanhar
MODBUS Protocol TesterBikash Narayan panda
Modelling of autonomous underwater vehiclesBASANT KUMAR SAHU
NIST BUSINESS BLOCKS - Intra Ecommerce Website A.B Pradeep Kumar
NIST CLUB ZONE: Club Organizer WebsiteA.B Pradeep Kumar
Online Home Need Services (OHNS)SMAK Azad
Online Music StoreSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Online Student Counselling SystemSibarama Panigrahi
ProDeals.comSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Project ControllerSantosh Kumar Kar
RE Project EstimatorBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Role-based Access Controlfor Automation SystemsSMAK Azad
Scholarship GatewayDebananda Kanhar
SmartBuy - An Intelligent Shopping website A.B Pradeep Kumar
Snake & ladder game using android technologySantosh Kumar Kar
Tracify for Android MobilesK Lakshmi Narayana
Video Stenography Garimella Vivekanand
Website DesignerRajeev Ranjan
Window Nano Mobile : Window Mobile Apps for Energy ApplicationRajeev Ranjan
Accessing Remote Desktop ClientRajeev Ranjan
An ERP Solution for Sankalp SemiconductonRajeev Ranjan
A .net based teaching tool for Basic Number SystemAshish Kumar Dass
A teaching tool for implementation of Cycle of ComputationPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Dynamic Interactive Interface for different AlgorithmsK Lakshmi Narayana
faculty student discussion forum using MongoDBDEBASIS PATRO
File Encryption using Java Garimella Vivekanand
Implementation of image compression – encryption hybrid algorithm based on key-controlled measurement matrix in compressive sensingGarimella Vivekanand
Implementation of the Hare and Hounds gamePrasun Dutta
Local Videoconferencing Rajeev Ranjan
NanoSoft RemoteUJJAL DEY
Reliability Assessment Tool by Implementing Probability Distributed FunctionRanjit Kumar Behera
Thursday Seminar SeriesRashmita Jena

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Comparision of open and proprietary communicationSMAK Azad
Designed and Implementation of Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Access ControlPradeep Kumar Jena
Development of PLC based process lop Control of Bottle washer machineSatyabrata Das
e-Health monitoring using LabVIEWRakesh Kumar Patnaik
Embedded Music Box: Phase 2Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Eye movement controlled WheelchairSatyabrata Das
Hardware and Software Development for an Automated DC IV Characterization SetupPalash Das
Identification and Profiling of Student using Google GlassBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Identification of Heart Rate Variability from ECG and PPG signals using LabVIEWSMAK Azad
Identification of Resonance Frequency of a piezo element by monitoring the change in magnitude using microcontrollerDebasish Chowdhury
Implementation and stabilization of Inverted PendulumSMAK Azad
Implementation of cascade loop PID controller in batch processAbhro Mukherjee
Implementation of Distributed control system using LabVIEWKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
Implementation of elevator control using VFD and PLCDebasish Chowdhury
Implementation of SMART House Automation Using SCADA SystemSatyabrata Das
Implementation of Voice controlled wheel chair using microcontrollerDebasish Chowdhury
Implementation of water treatment process using plc & scadaDebasish Chowdhury
IOT based Industrial pollution monitoring and control using LabVIEWKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
IOT Based Vehicle Data LoggerBikash Narayan panda
Monitoring of Respiratory Diseases of Distantly Located Patients SMAK Azad
NANO Electric Car - Automation of DriveSangram Mudali
Object recognition and sorting using LabVIEWAbhro Mukherjee
PC Based Robot ManipulatorRabindra Kumar Shial
Personality Classification from Hand Writing using Image Processing and LabVIEW (Student Idea Project)SMAK Azad
PLC based Stepper Motor Control for Pick and Drop of ObjectsPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Self Controlled Quad CopterBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Smart Street Lighting SystemBikash Narayan panda
Smart Vehicle Assistance SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Study & Implementation of continuous variable sine wave generation using microcontrollerDebasish Chowdhury
Tongue motion controlled wheelchairSMAK Azad
VI based instrument calibration and setupKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN
VI based object tracking using 3-axis motion controlKUNJA BIHARI SWAIN

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
An emperical study on "Paradigm Shift in Retailing in India"Kumar Srikanta Nayak
Employee Perception on Training and Development ARCHANA BHAGAT
Handshaking of Internet-of-Things with Cloud and Big-DataRanjit Kumar Behera

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2011-2015

Category : Design and Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Performance analysis of Low Noise Amplifier With Different Matching Techniques for WiMAX ApplicationMalabika Pattnaik
Automated Parking System design using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
Implementation and verification of I2C protocol Ajit Kumar Panda
8b/10b Encoder and Decoder design and verification for PCI express protocolAjit Kumar Panda
Digital Clock Manager Using LabVIEW and XilinxAjit Kumar Panda
Band gap Reference - modeling and layout-1Ajit Kumar Panda
Charge Pump - Modeling and LayoutAjit Kumar Panda
Low Dropout Regulator Layout Design Using CadenceAjit Kumar Panda
Band gap Reference Modelling and Layout-2Ajit Kumar Panda
Interface Circuit for Sensor and GlucometerAjit Kumar Panda
Preparation of Superhydrophobic Surface Using Silica Nano Particles Along With Polymer Coating at Different Concentrations and Spin Coating SpeedsSukanta Tripathy
CdTe/ZnTe core shell Liquid Junction solar CellsSukanta Tripathy
Glucose sensor using gold nanoparticlesSukanta Tripathy
ANN based reliability model for Wide Monitoring System (WAMS) using PMUSim and HadoopDiptendu Sinha Roy
Multi-source streaming-based data accesses for MapReduce systemsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Design of combinational switching systemPrabhudutta Pradhan
Parallel graph component labelling using CUDAAnisur Rahman
Distributed generation based upon wind energy.Subash Chandra Nayak
Auto power supply control from five different sources_ solar,wind, D.G, and main supply.Subash Chandra Nayak
Gain Enhancement of Printed Monopole AntennaPradyumna Kumar Patra
Develop theory for DGS Transparent AntennaPradyumna Kumar Patra
Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Slot antenna Design For Wimax Application.Sasmita Nayak
A radiation pattern-reconfigurable antenna for WLAN application.Sasmita Nayak
Reduction of mutual coupling of microstrip patch arrays using MTM structureAsit Kumar Panda
An endeavour to diagnose and improve the performance of State Electricity CorporationsTryambaka Sarana Mahapatra
Gender Identification in face imagesSourav Pramanik
Data De-duplication in databasesPrasun Dutta
Automatic Database Schema GenerationPrasun Dutta
A system for the analysis of snore signals using LabVIEWSuchandra Pal
Automated thermal face recognition based on minutiae extraction using efficient softcomputing techniquesPiyush Kanti Bhunre
Analysis and Recognition of Brain Waves for Flying RC HelicopterPiyush Kanti Bhunre
Advanced Molecular Model BuilderPrabhat Kumar Sahu
Model Periodic TablePrabhat Kumar Sahu
Model PDB ReaderPrabhat Kumar Sahu
A new Granular Neural Network for pattern classificationVenkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Design and Implementation of Industial Wireless Control NetworkSmak Azad
Real –Time DC Servo Motor Position Control by PID Controllers Using LabviewKunja Bihari Swain
Improvement of voltage profile of single phase inverter by small signal model.Tusar Kumar Dash
Design of a impulse generator for high voltage applicationRakesh Kumar Patnaik

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
NANO Electric - Group ISangram Mudali
Intelligent appliances control -cum-smart energy saving systemRajesh Kumar Dash
Effect of CdS layer on CdTe/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells Performance.Rakesh Roshan
Improvement of Solar Grass Cutter and Trimmer Mihir Hota
Quantum Dot Solar Cell Mihir Hota
Micro Controller Based Dual Axis Solar TrackerBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
HgTe/CdTe core/shell quantum dots based liquid junction solar cells Namita Jena
Design of PEM FUEL CELLSatya Sopan Mahato
Comparative Study of Doped Nanomaterials towards Energy ApplicationShrabani Mahata
Synthesis of Novel Metal/ Metal oxide Nanoparticles and Development of Doped Thin Films for Different ApplicationsShrabani Mahata
Development of a non- invasive Continuous blood pressure measurement and monitoring systemSuchandra Pal
Boiler drum level detector with capacitive transducer -2Priyatosh Mahish
Roof fall protection in mines using ultrasonic sensor-2Priyatosh Mahish
Design and Modelling of Human Interface of Electrcial VehicleSmak Azad
Porous Anodic Alumina Template formation for synthesis of nano-rod arraysSandipan Mallik
Design and Implementation of Permanent magnet motorPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Artificial Eagle for SurveillanceRakesh Kumar Patnaik

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Nano Electric Car - Group IISangram Mudali
Diagnosing students with learning disabilities for a programming course using soft computing techniques in an educational cloud environmentGeetika Mudali
Comparative study of MARCH Based algorithms for BIST Architecture using Cadence toolAjit Kumar Panda
Power optimization of LFSR in BIST Architecture.Ajit Kumar Panda
A X-band Low Noise Amplifier Design for Ultra Wide Band ApplicationsAjit Kumar Panda
Glucometer Interface Implementation in CMOS TechnologyAjit Kumar Panda
Interface Circuit for MEMS Accelerometer SensorAjit Kumar Panda
Desing and Simulation of 8-bit Vedic Arithmetic Unit using Xilinx ToolsM.Suresh
Design and simulation of BIST architecture for arithmetic cores using EDA ToolsM.Suresh
Physical Design of Dual Port RAM using CADENCE TOOLSM.Suresh
Cloud Deployment and Analysis using Eucalyptus- XenRabindra Kumar Shial
Efficient power alert broadcasting technique for mobile ad hoc networkRabindra Kumar Shial
Video Segmentation and Multiple Object TrackingPradeep Kumar Jena
Signature Recognition using Zernike MovementPradeep Kumar Jena
Fingure print Recognition using Hough Transformation Pradeep Kumar Jena
Driver Fatigue detection using Eye BlinksPradeep Kumar Jena
Biometric based Human Identification using Iris PatternsPradeep Kumar Jena
Biometric authentication using finger nail platesPradeep Kumar Jena
Contour based Object tracking in digital VideoPradeep Kumar Jena
Human Face detection using PDNNPradeep Kumar Jena
Fractional whirl orbital response control of rotors with spinning dissipation .Abhro Mukherjee
Fractional order response control of rotor with face abrasive tool wandering .Abhro Mukherjee
Nonlinear controller for AMB StabilizationAbhro Mukherjee
Robust control of rotors with spinning dessipation .Abhro Mukherjee
Robust control for active magnetic bearingAbhro Mukherjee
A big Data Analytic Problem:Prediction of Valuable shoppersDebananda Kanhar
An Energy Efficient Evolutionary Routing Algorithm for Static/Dynamic NetworksK Lakshmi Narayana
Symbolic Computation toolbox for Android MobilesMotahar Reza
Sparse Matrix–Vector Multiplication on GPUs using atomic operationsMotahar Reza
Web based tool for compile and simulate the for parallel programing in Java.Motahar Reza
Option pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation on HPCMotahar Reza
Portfolio Optimization using Monte Carlo simulationMotahar Reza
ANN based critical clearing time determination for IEEE 9 bus systemSasmita Padhy
A new approach for generating efficient sample from market basket dataRashmita Jena
Dynamic Pressure Sensing using Fiber Bragg Grating for detection of TsunamiSukanta Tripathy
Lighting with optical fiber quantum dot hybridsSukanta Tripathy
Heuristic-based Optimal Resource Provisioning in Application-centric Cloud using reserved and on-demand instancesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Cloud resource provisioning with demand uncertainties.Diptendu Sinha Roy
Automatic Scaling of Internet Applications for Cloud Computing ServicesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Efficient Parallel kNN Joins for Large Data in MapReduceDiptendu Sinha Roy
Scaling-Up Item-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on HadoopDiptendu Sinha Roy
Simulation and Performnce analysis of decentralized coordinated scheduling of smart homesDiptendu Sinha Roy
User sensitive scheduling of home appliancesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Reliability analysis of internet of things using FAST file spanning treesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Cloud resource provisioning with demand uncertainties using Fuzzy Integer linear ProgrammingDiptendu Sinha Roy
Hybrid recommender system for group preferencesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Modeling and Simulation of CdS/CdTe Thin Film Solar CellRakesh Roshan
Influence of the Back Contact on Efficiency of CdTe/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells.Rakesh Roshan
Reliability analysis of service oriented Internet of Things (IOT)Ranjit Kumar Behera
A framework for scheduling and managing HPC applications in science cloudRanjit Kumar Behera
Reliability Analysis of SOC based Internet of ThingsRanjit Kumar Behera
Active Stabilization of Hydrodynamic Bearing using Whirl Orbital Response ControlSatyabrata Das
Stabilization of Hydrodynamic Bearing Using Fractional Whirl Orbital Response ControlSatyabrata Das
Stabilization of Active Magnetic Bearing using State Feedback Linearizatioin ControlSatyabrata Das
Stabilization of Unsymmetrical rotor system using Active tilting PadSatyabrata Das
Nonlinear Sytem Identification Using Adaptive AlgorithmSatyabrata Das
Application of machine learning hybrid with optimization techniques for classification problems using UCI datasetShom Prasad Das
Application of machine learning hybrid with optimization techniques for forecasting problems using UCI datasetShom Prasad Das
Effectiveness of e-LearningShom Prasad Das
Option Moneyness classification using Soft Computing techniques: A case study on NSE dataShom Prasad Das
Load Forecasting using Hybrid Neural Network: A Study on EUNITE Competition 2001Shom Prasad Das
Optical signal processing for All-Optical networkPrabhudutta Pradhan
A Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksBhabani Sankar Gouda
Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksBhabani Sankar Gouda
Fault Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Using Distributed ApproachBhabani Sankar Gouda
Fault Detection Mechanism for Wireless Sensor NetworksBhabani Sankar Gouda
Synthesis and Implementation of UART using XC6SLX16Mukesh Kumar Sukla
Power efficient pipeline Reconfigurable Fixed-Width Baugh-Wooley MultiplierMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design and Implementation of Wi-Fi MAC transmit ProtocolMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design of Floating-point Multiplier using IEEE-754 StandardMukesh Kumar Sukla
Physical design and verification of high precision Sense Amplifier for RAMMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design and Implementation of CMOS All Digital Phase-Lock LoopMukesh Kumar Sukla
Solving a System of equations in non linear least square fashion using CUDAAnisur Rahman
Moving Object Detection using CUDAAnisur Rahman
Implementing few Image Processing algorithms using CUDAAnisur Rahman
A Clustering-based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Big Data ApplicationAnisur Rahman
Watermarking in digital image using CUDAAnisur Rahman
Designing a GUI to implement some algorithms related to OS using CUDAAnisur Rahman
A novel method based on convex objective function for learning of single layer neural networksAnisur Rahman
Automatic Indian PIN code readerCharulata Palai
Document Image Mosaicing using Zernike MomentsCharulata Palai
Automatic Vehicle Identification using ANFISCharulata Palai
Support Vector Machines For Face RecognitionCharulata Palai
Extended Visual Cryptography using Randomized Visual cryptography schemeAshish Kumar Dass
smart power transmission system using FACTS deviceBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Modelling and Simulation of a grid connected Solar InverterBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
MPPT analysis of the Wind Energy Conversion SystemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Robustness of SSSC based controller for tortional oscillation reductionBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Artificial Neural Network-Based Fault Distance Locator for Double-Circuit of an A.C Transmission SystemArabinda Panda
Induction Motor Drive using SVPWM based InverterArabinda Panda
Four Quadrant Operation of Separately Excited DC Motor Drives With ChopperArabinda Panda
Analysis of gain with respect to type of quantum dots in a QDFA using FDTD methodPurnendu Mishra
Effect of thickness of CdSe quantum dot films on absorption.Purnendu Mishra
Development of Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation AlgorithmHari Krushna Gantayat
Removal of noise from ECG Signal using MATLAB SimulationHari Krushna Gantayat
Grayscale Image Enhancement Using Particle Swarm OptimizationSukanti Pal
Distributed IIR System Identification using LMS AlgorithmSukanti Pal
Distributed Non-linear System Identification using LMS AlgorithmSukanti Pal
Modified Particle Swarm optimization structure approach to direction of arrival estimation.Srinivas Roula
Performance analysis of DOA estimation algorithmsSrinivas Roula
Optimization of MUSIC algorithm for angle of arrival estimation in wireless communications.Srinivas Roula
Robust direction of arrival estimation using modified MUSIC algorithm for impulsive noise environment.Srinivas Roula
A variation on MUSIC to accurately determine peaks of the spectrumSrinivas Roula
Increase field lifetime of wireless sensor Network using energy harvesting conceptNibedita Priyadarshini Mohapatra
Implementation of Pegasis ProtocolNibedita Priyadarshini Mohapatra
Implementation of TEEN ProtocolNibedita Priyadarshini Mohapatra
An Optimization of Reserve Resources Provisioning in a Application-centric Cloud using on-demand and spot instances.K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Adaptive Resouce Provisioning for the Cloud Using Online Bin PackingK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Deadline based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows on CloudsK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Cost Minimization for Big Data Processing in Cloud Data CentersK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Virtual machine scheduling for improving energy efficient in IaaS cloudeK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Modeling of Pasmonic solar cellSatya Sopan Mahato
CPW-Fed Circular Fractal Slot Antenna Design for Dual-Band ApplicationsDebabandana Apta
Design of Novel Sensors Based on Split Ring ResonatorsAsit Kumar Panda
Transmission Spectra & Effective Parameters of a Broadside coupled MTM structureAsit Kumar Panda
Design of Dielectric Resonator Antenna for WLAN ApplicationsAsit Kumar Panda
Analysis of different Fuzzy based Clustering using cluster validation techniqueAnal Paul
Comparison of chaotic variations of AES algorithm by using 1-D logistic chaos equation, cross chaos equation as well as combination of bothAgyan Kumar Prusty
Multiuser MIMO Broadcast Scheduling with Zero-Forcing ReceiversSwadhin Kumar Mishra
User Scheduling in MIMO Broadcast Channels with Limited Feedback Design for Block Diagonalization.Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Multiuser MIMO scheduling algorithms with imperfect CSISwadhin Kumar Mishra
User selection with Limited Feedback in Multi-antenna Broadcast ChannelSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Phasor Estimation of Nominal Frequency InputsCh Murty
Phasor Estimation at Off-Nominal Frequency InputsCh Murty
Frequency Estimation from Balanced and Unbalanced Three Phase InputsCh Murty
Reliability Analysis of Phasor Measurement Unit Considering Data UncertaintyCh Murty
Reliability Analysis of PMU using Fuzzy Hidden Markov ModelCh Murty
Type-2 Fuzzy Hidden Markov Models and Their Application to PMUCh Murty
A Bayesian Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach for PMUCh Murty
Comparison of a 64-bit Vedic multiplier with a conventional binary multiplier using Xilinx ISE.Manoj Kumar Senapati
Display of decimalcounter using Nexys3Manoj Kumar Senapati
Implementation of ALU operations using Xilinx and MatlabManoj Kumar Senapati
Securing Online Payment System through Information SecuritySubhankar Ghatak
All Pair Shortest Path Algorithm – Parallel Implementation and AnalysisTapas Kr Bayen
Electronic voting system using Schulze method: An application of Floyd-Warshall AlgorithmTapas Kr Bayen
An Optimal Mathematical Approach to Portfolio SelectionBhaskar Bhaula
Simulation of a single phase 3-level inverter to estimate the THD contentAlok Kumar Pradhan
A Multiregion Adaptive Differential Relay for Power Transformer ProtectionAlok Kumar Pradhan
A Multiregion Adaptive Differential Relay for Power Transformer ProtectionAlok Kumar Pradhan
A Positive-Sequence Directional Relaying Algorithm for Series-Compensated LineAlok Kumar Pradhan
Signal Processing Tools Applied to Power Quality AnalysisAlok Kumar Pradhan
Simulation of a Space vector PWM method for 3 level InverterAlok Kumar Pradhan
power oscillation damping of multi-area power system using SSSC based controllerG.Siva Ranjani
Load Shedding Application within a Micro-grid to assure its dynamic performance during its transition to the islanded mode of operationG.Siva Ranjani
Study and Implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems.G.Siva Ranjani
Energy Aware Clustering in Wireless Sensor NetworksArunanshu Mahapatra
Data routing in wireless sensor networks by using Simple Hierarchical Routing ProtocolRuchika Padhi
Link quality in WSN for under water networkRuchika Padhi
Using gauss - Jordan elimination method with CUDA for linear circuit equation systemsPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Effective Parallel implementation of Breadth-First Search on GPUPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Recognizing bi-connected graph by using modified DFS algorithm on GPUPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Social Media Mining ToolA.B Pradeep Kumar
To develop a small tool to detect DoS attacksAshu A
Performance Analysis of Time Invariant MIMO Channel with Eigen Mode TransmissionSantosh Kumar Acharya
Performance Analysis of Rayleigh Fading MIMO channel With Full CSITSantosh Kumar Acharya
OFDM Channel Estimation in WiCOMM-T using Schmidl and Cox AlgorithmSantosh Kumar Acharya
Characteristic And Comparative Analysis of Multi –Level Converters In Medium Voltage Industrial AC Drives Using Various MLI TopologiesGubbala Kedarnath
DTC of B4 - Inverter fed BLDC Motor DrivesGubbala Kedarnath
Integrated Double Buck–Boost Converter as a High-Power-Factor Driver for Power-LED LampsGubbala Kedarnath
Voltage Regulator- Battery Energy Storage System Adequate for Alternative Supply System Applications.Gubbala Kedarnath
Simulation of 7 level cascaded Z-Source Multilevel InverterGubbala Kedarnath
Voltage control of stand-alone wind and solar energy systemAditya Prasad Padhy
Radial Distribution Power flow using Interval ArithmeticAditya Prasad Padhy
A simple and fast approach for allocation and size evaluation of distributed generationAditya Prasad Padhy
Roof fall protection in mines using ultrasonic sensor-1Priyatosh Mahish
Harmonic Optimization of 3 level inverter Using Genetic AlgorithmsSoumya Ranjan
A comparative performance evaluation of evolutionary algorithms for optimal design of three-phase induction motorSoumya Ranjan
Load Frequency Control Of Power System using optimal controlNiranjan Behera
Load Frequency Control Of Power System using optimal compensatorNiranjan Behera
Optimal Controller Design for Twin Motor MIMO systemNiranjan Behera
Automatic Generation Control(AGC) for a Four Area Power System usiog optimal integral controlNiranjan Behera
Kalman filter based Multi-Sensor Fusion Method using Dynamic Bayesian Network for Precise Vehicle Localization and Road Matching.Surajit Sarkar
Guaranteed Dominant Pole Placement with PID ControllersSurajit Sarkar
Design of Controllers for Higher-Order-plus-Delay-TimeSurajit Sarkar
A New Algorithm for Graph MiningVenkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Complex generalized-mean neuron model and its applicationsVenkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Clustering big data using CLARANS algorithmVenkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Pattern Classification using Complex Valued Neural Network for a specific applicationSibarama Panigrahi
Natural Language to SQL TranslatorSibarama Panigrahi
Simulation of Automatic Car Plate Detection SystemJatindra Kumar Dash
Analysis of Distributed Control Systems with Shared CommunicationSmak Azad
Design consideration of control network in Distributed control SystemsSmak Azad
Medium Access Control of Industrial Communication using Foundation Field TechnologySmak Azad
Evaluation of Hybrid Energy and its effective usageSmak Azad
Evaluation of Hybrid Energy MeterSmak Azad
Stability analysis of different systems by general and Self-Tuning schemes of Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic controllers.Ritwika Choudhuri
Stabilization of an Inverted Pendulum by different controlling approaches of Fuzzy Logic Controller.Ritwika Choudhuri
Improvement of dynamic stability of a single machine infinite bus (SMIB) system using Heffron-philliph modelNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
Design of a damping controller using global signalNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
GA tuned optimized controller for multi machine power systemNrusingha Prasad Tripathy
Signal selection of SVC based WADCBalakrushna Sahu
Selection of stabilizing signal of a multi machine power system using Hankel\'s numberBalakrushna Sahu
Simulation of cascaded Z-Source Multilevel InverterTusar Kumar Dash
Single-Stage Boost Inverter With Coupled InductorTusar Kumar Dash
Impedance based Stability for GridTusar Kumar Dash
Design and simulation of CUK and SEPIC ConvertersPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Comparison and performance of Induction Machine fed through a 3 phase Inverter with 2 switching techiniquesPraneeth Kumar Pedapati
Fuzzy Logic Based Handoff Controller for Microcellular Mobile NetworksGandham Girish
Improvement of transient stability of the Power System PSSRakesh Sahoo
Analysis and optimization of power system using excitation controllersRakesh Sahoo
Simulation of self tuning analog PID ControllerManoj Kumar Kar
Design & simulation of DC-DC converter used in solar charge controllerManoj Kumar Kar
Study of AC and DC Load flows on 6 bus system and IEEE 14 bus system with POWER WORLD SIMULATORMurali Matcha
Study of Economic load dispatch problem and DCOPF with LP approachMurali Matcha
Study of ECONOMIC LOAD DISPATCH (E.L.D) problem with Genetic AlgorithmMurali Matcha
Study of DC OPTIMAL POWER FLOW problem with LP approachMurali Matcha

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Design and Implementation of a WEB APPLICATION using Node.js and MongoDBDebananda Kanhar
A Game Development Hidden and Treasure Using Unity Tool with C# ProgrammingDebananda Kanhar
Java Paint BrushK Lakshmi Narayana
A software to view desirable locations at a user given distance: Google Interior Maps (GIM)K Lakshmi Narayana
C/C++ Cloud based complier as SaaSMotahar Reza
Optimization toolbox for Android MobilesMotahar Reza
Tool for Mining student feedback to improve teaching/learning effectivenessRashmita Jena
E-Buy using mongoDBRashmita Jena
OIS MIS Report using MongoDBRashmita Jena
Image Story TellerRanjit Kumar Behera
E Store of APPSQUADAnisur Rahman
A Single View Single Sign On ApplicationAnisur Rahman
E Cops - a web based police management softwareAshish Kumar Dass
Android based NIST campus GuideAshish Kumar Dass
Cybernetics Protector with Diffie–Hellman key exchange cryptographyAshish Kumar Dass
e-Khata Payment SystemArnab Banerjee
Android App for OIS (Employee Module)Rajeev Ranjan
Android App for OIS (Student Dashboard)Rajeev Ranjan
Play XonixSantosh Kumar Kar
Designing a Software for Language recognitionAnal Paul
Design of a Software for normalization of a Database TableAnal Paul
Devloping an online Chess gameAgyan Kumar Prusty
Identification of design patterns used in a program by using JavaAgyan Kumar Prusty
Devloping 3D Mines Sweeper game in javaAgyan Kumar Prusty
Comparison Studies of Exact Pattern Matching AlgorithmsPadhy Sasmita
Efficient String Matching Algorithm with Use of Wildcard CharactersPadhy Sasmita
Online Crime Management SystemUjjal Dey
GRE Guide for Students an Android ApplicationArunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Self Management System Using AndroidArunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Speech to Text And Text to Speech ApplicationDebasis Patro
Socio-Academic Network for UniversitiesDebasis Patro
Wi-Fi Hotspot - A Virtual Router ManagerPinaki Prasad Panigrahi
E-Matrimony Using mongodbPinaki Prasad Panigrahi
A tool for database schedulesPrasun Dutta
A tool to translate global queries to fragment queriesPrasun Dutta
Implementation of the \'draughts\' gamePrasun Dutta
Optimal sizing and placement of DG in a distribution network. G.Siva Ranjani
Load Flow Analysis of a Radial Distribution NetworkG.Siva Ranjani
Online Gas Management using JAVABidya Bhusan Padhy
E-Blood BankBidya Bhusan Padhy
Code Coverage analysis in C ProgrammingDeepika Rani Sahu
Implementation of program slicing in CDeepika Rani Sahu
Online live scheduled greeting cardsA.B Pradeep Kumar
Duplicate file removerA.B Pradeep Kumar
Voice based mail client designA.B Pradeep Kumar
Photo Editor Design Using Java Image ProcessingA.B Pradeep Kumar
Crypto Security using playfair cipher algorithmSoma Hazra
Information Security using modified El Gammel encryptionSoma Hazra
Crypto Security using modified DES algorithmSoma Hazra
Book Shopping Portal Using Spring and HibernateRohit Kumar
After Sales Service Management SystemRohit Kumar
Online Auctioning Shop Using MongoDBRohit Kumar
Insurance Policy Management SystemRohit Kumar
Heart Rate Variability(HRV) analysis of ECG signal using MATLAB and BIOPAC softwareAnupam Dutta

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
E- Health Care SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Distributed Home Automation SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
AGRI SOIL TesterBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Aqua Script: a moving water droplet based display systemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Embedded Music BoxBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Water Meter for Domestic Water Consumption ManagementBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Gasifier Monitoring SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Automatized Railway Gate ControllerSatyabrata Das
A Hardware Model Design of Automatic Washing Machine using FPGA.Manoj Kumar Senapati
A Hardware Model Design of Automatic Robot for Aerospace application using FPGA.Manoj Kumar Senapati
Palm Vein authentication security based robot control using labVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Implementation of Ethernet based smart house using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Smart Surveillance for Theft Control using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Motion based security using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Eyeball and Blink Controlled Wheelchair Using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Design, Development and Testing of single phase PWM inverter for induction motor drive.Dhirendra Kumar Malik
Design, Development and Testing of three phase PWM inverter for induction motor drive.Dhirendra Kumar Malik
A real time foot pressure measurement for early detection of Foot Ulcer In Diabetics patients Using LabVIEWSuchandra Pal
Microcontroller- based low power consumption hearing aidSuchandra Pal
Estimation of blood pressure and other physiological parameters from PPG signals using LabVIEWSuchandra Pal
Elevator control using PLCDebasish Chowdhury
controlling water treatment using plcDebasish Chowdhury
controlling water treatment using s7-400Debasish Chowdhury
Reaction vessel control using plcDebasish Chowdhury
Alarm Management System in Power Plant Using SCADASmak Azad
Extraction of Respiratory Information from Photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals by developing a cost effective hardware and using LabVIEW.Ritwika Choudhuri

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Occupational stress level is attributed to manifested leadership styles at work: An empirical study on local manufacturing units in and around Berhampur, Odisha.Ratnakar Mishra
The study on cost-leadership : Chinese Business ModelBhaskar Banerjee
Brand positioning of laptop computers in OrissaBhaskar Banerjee

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2010-2014

Category : Design and Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
A Model based Approach towards Cloud based E-EducationGeetika Mudali
CRC-8 custom circuit design for ATM using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
Hand-written signature verification using Adaptive Resonance Theory.Pradeep Kumar Jena
Design and implementation of refactoring and program slicing techniquesDebananda Kanhar
Conversion from CNF to GNF and vice-versaDebananda Kanhar
Low noise amplifier for WiMAX applicationRajesh Kumar Dash
Solar Radiation Modeling using Polynomial FittingMihir Hota
Calculations of optical properties for quaternary III–V semiconductor alloys in the transparent regionPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Optically Beamformed Beam-Switched Adaptive Antennas for Fixed and Mobile Broad-Band Wireless Access NetworksPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Design of Optically Controlled Phased Array AntennaPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Numerical, Graphics and computation on string using CUDAAnisur Rahman
Distance protection schemes by prograrmmable microprocessor relays.Niranjan Sahu
Model Order Reduction using Bio-inspired PSO and BFO Soft -Computing for Comparative StudyArabinda Panda
Design of Circular/Dual-Frequency Linear Polarization Antennas Based on the Anisotropic Complementary Split Ring ResonatorHari Krushna Gantayat
Study and Realization of Integrated Transparent AntennaPradyumna Kumar Patra
Electrical characterization and analysis of solar cellSatya Sopan Mahato
Design of Wideband Filter Using Split-ring Resonator DGSSasmita Nayak
Design of High Performance 1-D MTM Filter for Wireless CommunicationAsit Kumar Panda
Design of Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Communication With Band-Notched CharacteristicsAsit Kumar Panda
Design of an Algorithm for Pedestrian segmentation from an ImageAnal Paul
Feature calculation and extraction for Pedestrian Recognition and DetectionAnal Paul
Improvement of Classifier for Pedestrian detection from a moving frameAnal Paul
An Approach: Modality Reduction and Face-Sketch RecognitionSourav Pramanik
Generation of spanning tree of a simple, symmetric, connected graphTapas Kr Bayen
Generating all trees of a connected graphTapas Kr Bayen
Online Intelligent Analyzer for Blood Pressure Measurement using LabVIEWSuchandra Pal
Simulation of Path planning of mobile robot in dynamic environmentSaroj Kumar Satapathy
Optimal positioning of Shunt FACTS controller in long transmission linesB Rajanarayan Prusty
Analysis and design of 3-level cascaded multilevel inverter for traction systemsSoumya Ranjan

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
NIST Electric Vehicle - ISangram Mudali
NIST Electric Car - IISangram Mudali
Caped Quantum Dot CdS/Gold Juntion device for Sensor ApplicationMihir Hota
Design of a grass trimmer using solar energyMihir Hota
Study , Supervise & performance analysis of the BIo gas Gassifier based generating Unit at NISTBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Study , Supervise & performance analysis of the KitchenWaste to BioGas Conversion Plant at NIST HostelBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Synthesis of CdSe quantum dots and study its device characterstics Namita Jena
PEM fuel cell DesignSatya Sopan Mahato
Fabrication of CdS/CdTe Thin-Film Solar Cells-PART-IISatya Sopan Mahato
Fabrication Of Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Designing of Low Cost, High Efficient Smokeless Stove/Chulha: Its Applicability in Rural SectorKabiraj Pradhan
Fabrication of MOS & it's C-V characteristic by using LCR-meterSumanta Kumar Patnaik
Optimization of capped ZnTe towards 400nm emissionSumanta Kumar Patnaik
Fabrication of Schottky diode based on ZnTe on Quantum dotsSumanta Kumar Patnaik
fabrication of Schottky diode based Capped ZnSe and study of it C-V charactersticsSukanta Kumar Swain
Development of Ag@TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin Film Photoelectrode Towards Hydrogen Generation for Fuel CellShrabani Mahata
ZnO nanocomposite based photoelectrode towards Hydrogen generation for fuel cellShrabani Mahata
Fabrication of highly ordered nano TiO2 array for biosensor applicationShrabani Mahata
Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Machines using PWM Inverter.Dhirendra Kumar Malik
Temperature measurement using LM35 and display it in LCD using microcontroller. Debasish Chowdhury
Determine of Resonance Frequency of a Piezo element using RFA techniques Debasish Chowdhury

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
High Frequency Characteristics Study of HBT Ajit Kumar Panda
Design and simulation of A u-law encoder for voice compression using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
Design and implement u-law decoder using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
32-tap Blackmann Window based FIR low Filter Implementation for iPOD mp3 player using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
48-tap Multiplier less REMEZ based High Pass Filter using Cadence ToolM.Suresh
Custom Digital Implementation of CRC-5 for Serial Communication using Cadence ToolM.Suresh
High Performance CRC Generator for Ethernet Applicatons using Cadence ToolM.Suresh
High Performance CRC Checker for Ethernet Applications using Cadence ToolM.Suresh
Design and Implementation of 8X8 Vedic Multiplier using Xilinx ToolM.Suresh
Effect of Glitch on some Digital Circuits using EDA toolsM.Suresh
Impact of Offered Load on Performance of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksRabindra Kumar Shial
Performance of TCP over Different Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksRabindra Kumar Shial
Simulated View of Automated Car ParkingPradeep Kumar Jena
A comparative study of finger print matching using tree based matching vs Fuzzy Neural Network based matching Approach. Pradeep Kumar Jena
Medical Image RegistrationPradeep Kumar Jena
Face Recognition using Log-Gabor filtering Pradeep Kumar Jena
Voice Activation System Using Acoustic Event DetectionPradeep Kumar Jena
Gait Based Person IdentificationPradeep Kumar Jena
Handwritten Character Recognition Using Multiscale Neural Network Training TechniquePradeep Kumar Jena
Classification of Internet Traffic using Aritifical Neural NetworkPradeep Kumar Jena
Lyapunov based vibration control of rotors actuated by active magnetic bearing.Abhro Mukherjee
Semiactive Sliding - Mode Control of the Unbalance response in a rotor bearing system supported on a MR damper Abhro Mukherjee
Active stabilization of Rotors with internal damping using LQR approchAbhro Mukherjee
The exact feedback Linearization control for 2DOF flywheel suspended by active hybrid magnetic bearings .Abhro Mukherjee
Comparison of two types of Nonlinear controller for magnetic Bearing system stabilization .Abhro Mukherjee
Design of aerospace control system using fractional PID ControllerAbhro Mukherjee
Checking Spanning trrees for various Graph ClassesDebananda Kanhar
Performance Comparison of Various R-Tree Node Splitting AlgorithmsDebananda Kanhar
Study and Simulation of Cayley graphDebananda Kanhar
Design and Implementation of a parallel algorithm for Minimal Spanning TreeDebananda Kanhar
Parallel Solution of Large Scale Crew Scheduling ProblemsMotahar Reza
Web based simulation software on multi-core multithreaded processor platforms Motahar Reza
Parallel search algorithm for robot motion planning Motahar Reza
Sensing apllications of 2D photonic crystal structures using plane wave expansion method.Sukanta Tripathy
optical logic gates based on 2D photonic crystal structure.Sukanta Tripathy
Efficient Algorithm for Design of Computer Generated Hologram(CGH)Asesh Kumar Tripathy
Optimization of efficiency of Computer Generated Hologram using Particle swarm OptimizationAsesh Kumar Tripathy
A Cost-Aware Resource Selection for Data-intensive Applications in Cloud-oriented Data CentersDiptendu Sinha Roy
On Combined Hardware-Software Reliability Models for Embedded Systems ApplicationsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Genetic Algorithm Skeletons for Simulated Grid EnvironmentsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Reliability Driven Grid Scheduling Diptendu Sinha Roy
CdTe Solar cell Performance Analysis by using AMPS-1DRakesh Roshan
Modeling and Simulation of CdS/CdTe Solar Cell by using SILVACO TCAD.Rakesh Roshan
Incorporating uncertainty in reliability assesment by implementing probability distributed functionRanjit Kumar Behera
Battery Management SystemSatyabrata Das
Control of Rotor Unbalance Vibration with magnetic Dynamic Absorber Satyabrata Das
A conformal Mapping based Fractional order Approach for Sub - optimal Tuning PID Controller with Guaranteed Dominant Pole Placement Satyabrata Das
A simplified approch to force control for electro - Hydraulic systems Satyabrata Das
Multiple Kernel Machines for PredictionShom Prasad Das
Multiple Kernel Machines for Image Recognition Shom Prasad Das
Option Pricing using Particle Swarm OptimizationShom Prasad Das
Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification using Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmTrilochan Panigrahi
Robust Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification using Wilcoxon Norm LMS AlgorithmTrilochan Panigrahi
Distributed Channel Gain Estimation in Wireless Sensor NetworksTrilochan Panigrahi
Performance Study of Radial Basis Function Neural Network for DOA Estimation with Sensor ArrayTrilochan Panigrahi
Simulation of IIR System Identification using LMS AlgorithmTrilochan Panigrahi
Faster Switching with Semiconductor Optical AmplifiersPrabhuadutta Pradhan
An Energy Efficient Cross Layer Design Scheme for Wireless Ad hoc Networks.Bhabani Sankar Gouda
An Adaptive Opportunistic Routing Scheme for Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksBhabani Sankar Gouda
Robust and Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks Bhabani Sankar Gouda
24-Tap Window Based FIR Bandpass Filter Implementation for Equalizer in MP3 PlayerMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Law Decoder for Voice Compression in Communication SystemsMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Law Encoder for Voice Compression in Communication SystemsMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Custom Digital Implementation of SN74LS682 8-Bit Magnitude ComparatorMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Cmos Op-Amp Design Technique Using Negative Miller Capacitance and Analyze the Effect of Scaling.using tanner toolMitu Baral
A 12 Bit Third Order Continuous Time Low Pass Sigma Delta Modulator for Audio Applications.using tanner toolMitu Baral
16 bit Audio band Digital-to-Analog ConverterMitu Baral
Recognizing Triangulated Graphs.Anisur Rahman
Optimization of transmission spectra of non-uniform fiber bragg grating using PSOSonali Prava Dash
Analysis of transmission spectra of titled Fiber bragg gratingSonali Prava Dash
Automated PIN code reader using ACOCharulata Palai
Document Image Mosaicing Charulata Palai
Red Blood Cells Classification using ANNCharulata Palai
Vehicle Detection Using Normalized Color and Edge MapCharulata Palai
Implementation and Analysis of Image Restoration TechniquesAshish Kumar Dass
Image Denoising Using Hybrid FilterAshish Kumar Dass
Bond graph Simulation of a Two axis Solar Tracker Using Sliding Mode ControlBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Performance comparision of different MPPT algorithms implimented in a Wind -PV hybrid generation SystemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Modelling & Simulation of a Written Pole Technology MachineBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Power Quality improvement for Grid connected WES using FACTS devices.Arabinda Panda
Quasi-Resonant Converter for Induction HeatingArabinda Panda
Optimization of gain in EDFA using PSOPurnendu Mishra
Optimization of gain in QDFA using PSOPurnendu Mishra
An Approach to Improve the Task Scheduling in Grid EnvironmentArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
A Task scheduling algorithm for Grid EnvironmentArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Transmission of an encoded BPSK signal with voice as input and the reception of this signnal with PLL using C6713 DSK.Sukanti Pal
Simulation and Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using SimulinkSrinivas Roula
Modeling and Simulation of CIGS Solar CellSatya Sopan Mahato
Equivalent Circuit Design for Multijunction Solar CellSatya Sopan Mahato
Investigation of scattering radiation pattern from a plasma array antenna.Debabandana Apta
FDTD analysis of wave propagation in one dimensional griding structure(1-D)Debabandana Apta
Simulation of different characterstics of an Optically Controlled GaAs-MESFETDebabandana Apta
Design of a 1GBPS ethernet transmitter using FPGADurga Prasad Dash
CPW Fed Perturbed Sierpinski Carpet Antenna for IEEE 802.11 WLAN ApplicationAsit Kumar Panda
Design of Subwavelength Dualband Patch Antenna using MetamaterialAsit Kumar Panda
Simualtion of Micro-hydel prototypeDeepanjali Mishra
Electron Beam Melting of Austenitic Stainless Steel: Process Optimization Kabiraj Pradhan
A Performance Metric for Discrete-Time Chaos-Based Truly Random Number GeneratorsAgyan Kumar Prusty
An aproach for chaos based random number generation using chaotic mapAgyan Kumar Prusty
An Image Encryption System Based on Sine and Cosine Chaotic MapsAgyan Kumar Prusty
An Image Encryption & Decryption Approach Based on Pixel Shuffling Using 3D Logistic Map & 3DHenon MapAgyan Kumar Prusty
An Advanced Color Image Encryption Scheme Using Arnold's Cat map and Henon mapAgyan Kumar Prusty
Multiuser MIMO Broadcast Scheduling using Zero-Forcing BeamformingSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Efficient User Scheduling in MIMO Broadcast Systems using Low-rate FeedbackSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Performance analysis of Asymmetric Turbo Code in 3G Communication SystemSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Scheduling for MIMO Downlink systems using Opportunistic Two-stage FeedbackSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Weighted Sum-rate Maximization for MIMO BC System with non-IID ChannelsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
An Efficient Semi-orthogonal User Scheduling Scheme with Optimized Orthogonal Threshold ParameterSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Multi-user MIMO Scheduling with Limited Feedback in LTE-Advanced SystemsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Performance of Multi-mode Transmission with Finite Rate Feedback in MIMO Broadcast SystemsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Synchronizing Techniques to Eliminate Offset Problems in OFDM Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Reliability evaluation of Phasor Measurement Unit using Statistics of ExtremeCh Murty
Development of Simulink diagram for Phasor Measurement UnitCh Murty
Basics of Fuzzy to Reliability AnalysisCh Murty
Introducing INNOVATION through TRAINING & DEVELOPMENTArchana Bhagat
Bangla handwritten character recognition using Super Imposed matricesSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
A FPGA implementation of 8-bit pipelined microprocesser using xilinx toolManoj Kumar Senapati
A FPGA implementation of Floating-Point adder/subtractor using XILINX ToolManoj Kumar Senapati
Towards the Design and Implementation of Efficient Song Authentication Technique through Steganographic ApproachSubhankar Ghatak
Towards the Design and Implementation of Cheque Truncation System through Visual CryptographySubhankar Ghatak
Towards the Design and Implementation of Compressed Sensing based Cryptographic TechniqueSubhankar Ghatak
Design and Analysis of an Adaptive Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksJaydip Sen
Design and simulation of a secure and privacy-preserving search protocol for peer-to-peer networksJaydip Sen
Image classification of brain MRI using LabView.Sunetra Banerjee
Biometric Security Based Wheel Chair Control Using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Eyeball and Blink Controlled Robot Using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Automated Car Braking System using LabVIEWSunetra Banerjee
Economic generation mix for a commercial building Ashwini Kumar Nayak
Probabilistic reliability evalution of bulk trasnmission systemAshwini Kumar Nayak
Generation reliability evaluation using component failureAshwini Kumar Nayak
Author Identification Using Data Mining TechniquesPrasun Dutta
Disributed generation based upon wind energyKalicharan Pradhan
Detection of tumour in human brain from MRI image using LabView.Suchandra Pal
Non- invasive estimation of level of consciousness using LabVIEWSuchandra Pal
Power Quality Analysis Using S–TransformAlok Kumar Pradhan
Detection and classification of power quality disturbances using discrete wavelet transform and wavelet networksAlok Kumar Pradhan
Automatic Generation Control of Two-Area Interconnected Power System in a Restructured EnvironmentG.Siva Ranjani
Mobility prediction in wireless sensor networksArunanshu Mahapatra
Outlier Detection Technique for Wireless Sensor NetworksArunanshu Mahapatra
Option pricing based on Monte Carlo simulation combined with genetic algorithmMadhu Sudan Kumar
Performance evaluation of Monte Carlo Simulation on HPC for option pricingMadhu Sudan Kumar
Simulated Prioritized path planning for multiple robotsSaroj Kumar Satapathy
The performance analysis and practical scheduling scheme for sorting algorithm based on OpenMp.Prasant Kumar Mohanty
The analysis and benchmarking of parallel Sieve AlgorithmPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Incorporating HDFS facilities for improving scheduling performance in data intensive grid environmentAshu A
PSO Based Grid Scheduling SimulationAshu A
An Analysis on PAPR Reduction Schemes for OFDM SignalsSantosh Kumar Acharya
Power System Security Analysis B Rajanarayan Prusty
Optimal location of DG in radial distribution system using PSIAditya Prasad Padhy
Transient stability enhancement of multimachine power system using PSS and SVCSachidananda Prasad
Load Frequency Control(LFC) of two area power system using Linear Quadratic Regulator(LQR)Niranjan Behera
Exponential stability analysis for network control systemDebasish Chowdhury
Average dwell time for formulation for a state feedback controllerDebasish Chowdhury
Graph theoretical approach on growth mechanism of an exciting material: GraphenePrabhat Kumar Sahu
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Protein Prabhat Kumar Sahu

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Navigational Planning For Mobile RobotRabindra Kumar Shial
Hotel Room Service Management through Android DevicesBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Internet Controlled Security Robot using Android PlatformBhawani Shankar Patnaik
NIST VOIP Server on SIP PlatformBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Voting Application using HTTP Push on GCMBhawani Shankar Patnaik
An opportunity for Refactoring Approach through Automated Application of Design PatternsDebananda Kanhar
Design and Implementation of a Home bank applicationDebananda Kanhar
HR Operations ManagerK Lakshmi Narayana
Decision Making Tool using PythonK Lakshmi Narayana
A Teaching Tool for B+ TreeK Lakshmi Narayana
E-School Class RoomK Lakshmi Narayana
Implementing Dynamic Replication Strategies in Data GridK Lakshmi Narayana
2D and 3D Geometry Drawing using Java API: SEMAT 2.0Motahar Reza
Data Imputation ToolRashmita Jena
STUDENT RETENTION MANAGEMENT through Machine learningRashmita Jena
plsql block generator for OISRashmita Jena
MedHelper using AndroidRashmita Jena
A GUI driven Grid simulatorDiptendu Sinha Roy
Incorporating combined IMDG and HDFS facilities for improved data aware grid schedulingDiptendu Sinha Roy
Implementing a software tool for incorporating uncertainty in reliability analysis using fuzzy logicDiptendu Sinha Roy
A precise termination condition for probabilistic packet marking algorithmDiptendu Sinha Roy
A Teaching Tool for Binary Tree and Binary Search TreeRanjit Kumar Behera
A Teaching Tool for AVL TreeRanjit Kumar Behera
Developing a tool for H/W & S/W combined Reliability ModelRanjit Kumar Behera
Implementation of Radix-4 FFT algorithms on DSP ProcessorSatyabrata Das
Toolbox for Optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization TechniqueShom Prasad Das
E – Healthcare AdvisorAnisur Rahman
Implementation of R-Tree Node Splitting Algorithm to ensure minimal overlapping.Anisur Rahman
Galois Field Arithmetic using HPCAnisur Rahman
Top Down Parser GeneratorAnisur Rahman
Bottom Up parser GeneratorAnisur Rahman
Scalable parallel graph coloring algorithm using HPCAnisur Rahman
LAN messenger using .NETAnisur Rahman
Identification of few design patterns using .NETAnisur Rahman
A simple Windows mail client using .NETAnisur Rahman
Design and Development of a web based adaptive tutor systemAshish Kumar Dass
Oriya optical character recognition and convert into English readable textAshish Kumar Dass
Effective recovery technique for halftone images in Hierarchical Visual CryptographyAshish Kumar Dass
The Fastest Data Backup Tool on Android : Super BackupRajeev Ranjan
Multi player snakes and ladders game using JavaSantosh Kumar Kar
A Multi-Group Membership Fault Tolerance Approach for Desktop GridK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
A Multi-Group Membership Fault Tolerance Approach for Desktop Grid(part-ii)K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
CloudSim for Simulating QoS-Based Cloud ServicesK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Solving traveling salesman problem on high performance computing using message passing interfaceK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Data aware Grid Scheduling in Desktop Grid.K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Artificial Bee Colony skeleton for Grid Scheduling K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
A Dot Net based English to Odia Font InterpreterAgyan Kumar Prusty
E-Healthcare Padhy Sasmita
implementation of Aho-Corasick set matching algorithmPadhy Sasmita
Android Based Remote Desktop ClientManas Prasad Nayak
Android App for OISManas Prasad Nayak
Carbon Footprint CalculatorArunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Energy applications for nano mobilesArunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Client Server Based Live Meeting Using .netPinaki Prasad Panigrahi
An effective noise removal technique for degraded historical documentsSourav Pramanik
Region to pixel based multi-sensor image fusionSourav Pramanik
Pronunciation recognition and evaluavation softwareShanti Nanisetti
Social Networking SiteJay Shankar Bhushan
Design and Developmnet of a Prototype Banking Software using J2EE FrameworkJaydip Sen
Design and Developmnet of a Prototype Retail Management Software using J2EE FrameworkJaydip Sen
Design and Developmnet of a Prototype Online Music Store using J2EE FrameworkJaydip Sen
Dimension reduction technique using Principal Component Analysis and clustering the data using K-means Clustering Algorithm for Iris data Sunetra Banerjee
Relational algebra query processorPrasun Dutta
Dynamic normalization of unnormalized tablesPrasun Dutta
Voltage stability of Radial Distribution Network with and without DG.G.Siva Ranjani
Improvement of Voltage Profile in a Radial Distribution Network by Shunt Capacitors.G.Siva Ranjani
Test Case Generation using UML 2.0 diagramsDeepika Rani Sahu
Design of a square puzzle game using .netPrasant Kumar Mohanty
Ranking model adaptation for domain specific searchA.B Pradeep Kumar
Ranking and suggesting popular item setA.B Pradeep Kumar
Molecular model builder: An application through Java programmingPrabhat Kumar Sahu
Face recognition using eigenfaces with ANN: Back Propagation Algorithm Venkatanaresh Babu Kuppili
Face recognition using eigenfaces with ANN: Resilient Back Propagation Algorithm Venkatanaresh Babu Kuppili

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Deploying a Cloud infrastructure Geetika Mudali
Talking Calculator using UTLP KITBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Internet Controlled Security RobotBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Aqua Script: a moving water droplet based display systemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Video surveillance using Quad copter Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Smart card based Health Care SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Blood preassure measurement using labviewAbhro Mukherjee
An Efficient Scheduling for the Gaussian Elimination in a GridGain TestbedDiptendu Sinha Roy
Gas Detection technique using TGS gas sensor array using LABVIEW and Analysis the result using Data Analysis TechniqueSatyabrata Das
Vision Based Product Inspection Using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Leader Follower using Robotic Starter KitSatyabrata Das
Vision Based Object Movement Tracking Using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Open Home Automation SystemSatyabrata Das
Eye Camera Using LabVIEWSatyabrata Das
Canteen Management System Using Barcode Reader in .netPinaki Prasad Panigrahi
Digital Spirometer using Lab VIEWSunetra Banerjee
Heart beat moinitoring using microcontrollerSuchandra Pal

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challengesGeetika Mudali
Effective use of cloud computing at NISTGeetika Mudali
Impact of Advertisement on Food Habits of ChildrensChinmaya Sahu
Stabilizing EHT AC lines and HVDC lies in Grid systemNiranjan Sahu
Factors Influencing Beta (β): An Empirical Study of Selected Companies Pramath Nath Acharya
Electrical Power Scenario of OdishaSubash Chandra Nayak
Electrical Power TariffSubash Chandra Nayak
Organisational Structure and its Impact on Employee Performance : A Comparative study in IT & Core CompaniesArchana Bhagat
"Organic Photovoltaics " The alternate source for renewable energyDuryodhan Sahu

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2009-2013

Category : Design and Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Block Encryption Ciphers Based On Chaotic MapsAgyan Kumar Prusty
A New Image Encryption Scheme Based On Achaotic FunctionAnal Paul
A Hybrid Page Ranking Algorithm And Its Performance. Anisur Rahman
Modeling Of Multiband Printed Antennas Based On Srr LoadingAsit Kumar Panda
Design And Development Of Dead Time Circuit For Single Phase Pwm InverterDhirendra Kumar Malik
Vlsi Implementation Of Least Mean Square Algorithm For FilteringDurga Prasad Dash
Design Of A Frequency Notch Uwb Antenna Embedded With CsrrHari Krushna Gantayat
Analysis Of Optical Bistability In A Electron-Hole System Using P.S.O.Mihir Hota
Coupling Optimisation In Holographic Coupler Large Mode Area Dispersion Flattened Fiber System Using P.S.O.Mihir Hota
Optimization Of Diffraction Efficiency Of A Holographic Coupler In A Conventional Fiber Using Particle Swarm OptimizationMihir Hota
Hand-Written Signature Verification Using A Neuro-Fuzzy Model.Pradeep Kumar Jena
Design Of A Multiband And Uwb Microstrip Antenna For Wireless ApplicationsRajesh Kumar Dash
Nist Hybrid Car .. V2Sangram Mudali
Hybrid Car .. Ver 2Sangram Mudali
Structural Micrfiber Long Period Grating Using Photonic Crystal Fiber.Sukanta Tripathy
Investigation Of Bending Loss In Photonic Crystal FiberSukanta Tripathy
Design Of Long Period Fiber Grating Assisted Surface Plasmon Resonance SensorSukanta Tripathy
High Resolution Strain Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Grating.Sukanta Tripathy
Analysis Of Fiber Bragg Grating For Dispersion Compensation In Reflection And Transmission GratingTrilochan Panigrahi
Modelling Of Uniform Fiber Bragg Grating For Reflectivity Using Coupled Mode TheoryTrilochan Panigrahi

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Instrtumentation System For Railway Track Vibration DetectionArun Kumar Padhy
Remote Billing Of Energy Meter Using Gsm ModemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Design,Development And Testing Of A Single Phase Pwm Inverter For Induction Motor DriveDhirendra Kumar Malik
To Design The Solar Grass Cutter An Msme Project.Mihir Hota
Current- Voltage And Capacitance -Voltage Studies Of Nanocrystalline Cdse/Aluminium Chloride Schottky Junction Interface .Namita Jena
Labview Based Motion Control Of Robotic Vehicle Nilanjan Patra
Design Of Signal Conditioning Circuit For A Gluco SensorRajesh Kumar Dash
Design Of An Inaugural LampRajesh Kumar Dash
Hostel V-Call SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
Fabrication Of Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Fabrication Of Cds/Cdte Thin-Film Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Solar Hydrogen Production By Water Splitting Using Tio2 Based PhotoelectrodesShrabani Mahata
Ordered Mesoporous Tio2/Zno Composite For Photoelectrochemical Solar Hydrogen GenerationShrabani Mahata
Cell Controlled CarSuchandra Pal
Remote Controlled Fan RegulatorSuchandra Pal
Fabrication Of Schottky Diode And Measurement Of Electrical Characteristics By Using Lcr-MeterSumanta Kumar Patnaik
Micro Controller-Based Automatic Flush SystemSunetra Banerjee
Alcohol Detection System In Cars With Gsm Alarming SystemSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Robotic Grasping Of Novel Objects Using VisionSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Design And Development Of Bipedal Walking RobotSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Automated crash Notification System Swagat Kumar Samantaray
Pir-Sensor-Based Energy Saving Lighting Device Swagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Instrumentation System For Railway Track Vibration DetectionArun Kumar Padhy
Remote Billing Of Energy Meter Using Gsm ModemBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Design,Development And Testing Of A Single Phase Pwm Inverter For Induction Motor DriveDhirendra Kumar Malik
To Design The Solar Grass Cutter An Msme Project.Mihir Hota
Current- Voltage And Capacitance -Voltage Studies Of Nanocrystalline Cdse/Aluminium Chloride Schottky Junction Interface .Namita Jena
Labview Based Motion Control Of Robotic Vehicle Nilanjan Patra
Design Of Signal Conditioning Circuit For A Gluco SensorRajesh Kumar Dash
Design Of An Inaugural LampRajesh Kumar Dash
Hostel V-Call SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
Fabrication Of Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Fabrication Of Cds/Cdte Thin-Film Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Solar Hydrogen Production By Water Splitting Using Tio2 Based PhotoelectrodesShrabani Mahata
Ordered Mesoporous Tio2/Zno Composite For Photoelectrochemical Solar Hydrogen GenerationShrabani Mahata
Cell Controlled CarSuchandra Pal
Remote Controlled Fan RegulatorSuchandra Pal
Fabrication Of Schottky Diode And Measurement Of Electrical Characteristics By Using Lcr-MeterSumanta Kumar Patnaik
Microcontroller-Based Automatic Flush SystemSunetra Banerjee
Alcohol Detection System In Cars With Gsm Alarming SystemSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Robotic Grasping Of Novel Objects Using VisionSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Design And Development Of Bipedal Walking RobotSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Automatedcrash Notification System Swagat Kumar Samantaray
Pir-Sensor-Based Energy Saving Lighting Device Swagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Intelligent Control Of Dc Motor Driven Electromechanical Fin Actuator Abhro Mukherjee
Sliding Mode Control Design For Master Slave Pneumatic Servo Systems For Teleoperation Applications .Abhro Mukherjee
Nonlinear Control Of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Two Mass Model Abhro Mukherjee
Vibration Control Of A Beam Future Linear Collider Abhro Mukherjee
Chaos Image Encryption Using Pixel ShufflingAgyan Kumar Prusty
An Image Encryption Approach Based On Chaotic MapsAgyan Kumar Prusty
A Performance Metric For Discrete-Time Chaos-Based Truly Random Number GeneratorsAgyan Kumar Prusty
De-Noising Of Partial Discharge Signals Using Wavelet TransformAlok Kumar Pradhan
Application Of Chaos In The Field Of Image EncryptionAnal Paul
Steady State And Dynamic Performance Of Stator Voltage Oriented Control Of Dfig Wind Energy Arabinda Panda
An Approach To Improve The Task Scheduling In Grid EnvironmentArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Clustering Of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Hybrid AlgorithmArunanshu Mahapatra
Efficient Algorithm For Design Of Computer Generated Hologram(Cgh)Asesh Kumar Tripathy
Watermarking On Digital Image Using Wavelet Transformation With Alpha BlendingAshish Kumar Dass
Rgb Channel Based Image SteganographyAshish Kumar Dass
Implementation And Analysis Of Image Restoration TechniquesAshish Kumar Dass
Image Denoising Using Hybrid FilterAshish Kumar Dass
Economic Load DispatchAshwini Kumar Nayak
Composite Power System Reliability EvaluationAshwini Kumar Nayak
Generation Reliability EvaluationAshwini Kumar Nayak
Economic Load Dispatch Incorporating Maintenance SchedulingAshwini Kumar Nayak
Investigation Of Transmission Characteristic Of Bianisotropic Lhm Based On Different Omega Shped Metallic Inclusions & Development Of Monopole Antenna Loaded With Omega Particle For Wireless ApplAsit Kumar Panda
Investigation Of Transmission Characteristic Of A Sierpinski Sectoral Srr Shaped Lhm For Microwave BandAsit Kumar Panda
Compact Coplanar Waveguide Metamaterial-Inspired Lines And Its Use In Highly Selective And Tunable FiltersAsit Kumar Panda
Stabilization Of Multiple Plants Using A State Feed Back Controller For A Networked Control SystemAvijit Routh
Predictive State Feedback Controller Design For A Networked Control SystemAvijit Routh
Cross-Layer Analysis Of Route Discovery Process In Flooded Ad Hoc Network.Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Analysis And Design Of Adaptability In Wireless Sensor Networks Through Cross-Layer Protocols.Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Performance Analysis Of Energy Efficient Optimized Link State Routing Protocol For Route Discovery Using Transition Net With Network Simulator.Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Crash Fault Identification Of A K-Connected Network In Static Fault EnvironmentBhabani Sankar Gouda
An Energy Efficient Cross Layer Design Scheme For Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Performance Analysis Of Wireless Power Transfer Through Magnetic ResonantBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Written Pole TechnologyBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Dominating Set On Bipartite GraphsChandan Kumar Behera
Dominating Sets In Interval Graphs Chandan Kumar Behera
Ocr Based Vehicle Identification Using AcoCharulata Palai
Fruits Identification Using Colour Image Segmentation And FcmCharulata Palai
Automated Pin Code Reader Using AcoCharulata Palai
Modelling Of A Two Area Power System: With And Without Load Frequency Control (Lfc)Ch Murty
Controllability Analysis Of Power SystemCh Murty
Application Of Clustering Technique For The Optimal Placement Of PmuCh Murty
Investigation Of Effect Of Different Interactions On Spin Polarization Of Light From Led Doped With Magnetic Impurity.Deepanjali Mishra
Generalized Pid Controller Design For Tracking Problem Based On Lqr TechniqueHalder Kaushik
Stability Analysis Of Linear Systems With Time-Varying DelayHalder Kaushik
Optimal Sliding Mode Controller Design For A Dynamical SystemHalder Kaushik
Realization Of Pid Based Cascade Control System Using LabviewHalder Kaushik
Design Of A Conroller Employing Dominant Pole Placement For Dynamical SystemHalder Kaushik
Design Of A Phase Shaper With Bodes Integral For A Time Delay SystemHalder Kaushik
An Efficient, Robust And Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Protocol For Wireless Sensor NetworksJaydip Sen
Design And Development Of A Distributed Trust Management System In A Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkJaydip Sen
Analysis And Simulation Of An Attack Model On The Dsr Protocol In Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksJaydip Sen
Design Of Interline Power Flow Controller Based Damping Controller Kalicharan Pradhan
Optimum Resource Allocation In Multipath Ad Hoc NetworksK Lakshmi Narayana
A Route Discovery Approach To Finding Minimum Energy Disjoint Paths In Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksK Lakshmi Narayana
Design Of A Successive Approximation Analog-To-Digital ConverterMitu Baral
High Speed Cmos Ring Vco For Advanced CommunicationsMitu Baral
Fpga Based Sigma –Delta Analogue To Digital Converter DesignMitu Baral
A High-Speed, Low Noise Cmos Op-Amp Design Technique Using Negative Miller CapacitanceMitu Baral
Shooting Method For Nonlinear Boundary-Value Problems: Application Of CfdMotahar Reza
Parallel Numerical Solution Of 2-D Heat EquationMotahar Reza
Parallel Direct Search Algorithm For Unconstrained OptimizationMotahar Reza
5. Solving Traveling Salesman Problem On Cluster Compute NodesMotahar Reza
A Parallel Algorithm To Solve Tridiagonal Systems (Ode) On Distributed Memory MultiprocessorsMotahar Reza
Analysis Of Parallel Algorithms For Matrix Chain Product On Distributed Memory SystemsMotahar Reza
Dynamic Control Of Tcsc In The Power SystemMrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Fpga Design And Simulation Of Floating Point Multiplier Using Xilinx ToolM.Suresh
Design And Simulation Of 32-Bit Gated Linear Phase Shift Register (Lfsr)M.Suresh
Design & Implementation Of Low Power Carry Select Adder With Sharing Mechanism(Csasm) Using FpgaM.Suresh
Vlsi Implementation Of High Speed Adders For High Speed AluM.Suresh
Controlled Scrolling Display On Lcd Using FpgaMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design Of Sliding Mode Controller For Attitude Control Of A Missile Nilanjan Patra
Position Control Of Stepper Motor Via Sliding Mode Control LawNilanjan Patra
Design Of Pid Controller For Time Delay SystemNilanjan Patra
Design Of Controller For High Angle-Of-Attack Missile AutopilotNilanjan Patra
Study Of State Estimation Techniques Of Dynamical System By Kalman FilterNilanjan Patra
Design Of Observer For Fault Detection And IsolationNilanjan Patra
Design Of Robust Self Tuning Pid Controller For Non-Linear SystemNilanjan Patra
Power Grid Control By PcNiranjan Sahu
Ray Tracing Animations Using 4d Kd-TreesPadhy Sasmita
Handoff Minimization Through A Relay Station Grouping Algorithm With Efficient Radio-Resource Scheduling Policies For Ieee 802.16j Multihop Relay NetworksPrabina Pattanayak
Ofdm Channel Estimation Using WicommtPrabina Pattanayak
A Detailed Study On Mimo Spatial Multiplexing, Channel Modeling, Capacity And Multiuser CommunicationPrabina Pattanayak
Ofdm Synchronization Using WicommtPrabina Pattanayak
Simplified Fair Scheduling And Antenna Selection Algorithms For Multiuser Mimo Orthogonal Space-Division Multiplexing DownlinkPrabina Pattanayak
Downlink Scheduling Via Genetic Algorithms For Multiuser Single-Carrier And Multicarrier Mimo Systems With Dirty Paper CodingPrabina Pattanayak
Signature Identification Using Art-2Pradeep Kumar Jena
Face Recognition Using Fuzzy Clustering TechniquePradeep Kumar Jena
Speaker Identification Using RbfnPradeep Kumar Jena
A Comparative Study Of Finger Print Matching Using Tree Based Matching Vs Fuzzy Neural Network Based Matching Approach. Pradeep Kumar Jena
Author Identification Using Data Mining TechniquesPrasun Dutta
Modelling And Control Of Dc-Dc Boost ConverterProsenjit Mondal
Modelling Of An Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier For Maximum Gain For A Given Spectral WidthPurnendu Mishra
Optimization Of Attenuation And Dispersion In An Optical Link Using Fiber Bragg Grating, Short Length Pcf And Optical Amplifier Purnendu Mishra
Modelling Of Quantum Dot Doped Fiber Amplifier To Enhance The Gain BandwidthPurnendu Mishra
Modelling Of Soa For High GainPurnendu Mishra
Reliable Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based On Mobility PredictionRabindra Kumar Shial
A Routing Protocol Based On Trusted And Shortest Path Selection For Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkRabindra Kumar Shial
Effects Of Multipath Routing On Tcp Performance In Ad Hoc NetworksRabindra Kumar Shial
Evaluation Of The System Performance For The Cellular Systems Using Multipath FadingRakesh Roshan
Performance Analysis Of The Psk Based Digital Transmission Schemes. Rakesh Roshan
Handwritten Bengali Character Recognition Using Fuzzy Membership FunctionSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
Bangla Handwritten Character Recognition Using Super Imposed MatricesSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
Application Of Pso & De Algorithm For Optimizing Supplementary Controller For Statcom To Reduce SsrSasmita Padhy
Homotopy Analysis Method To Solve Boundary Value Problem:Application To Fluid FlowSatyaban Panigrahi
Human Hand Image Detection Against Uniform/Nonuniform Color BackgroundSatyabrata Das
Human Eye Detection Using Hough TransformSatyabrata Das
A Compact J-V Model For Solar Cell To Simplify Parameter CalculationSatya Sopan Mahato
Modeling And Simulation Of Finfet Satya Sopan Mahato
Numerical Solution For Pricing Options Using Semidiscretization TechniqueShom Prasad Das
Hybrid Option Pricing Model : Combining Machine Learning And Black Scholes ModelShom Prasad Das
Numerical Solution For Pricing Stock Options With Dividend PaymentShom Prasad Das
Numerical Solution For Pricing OptionsShom Prasad Das
Performance Study Of Mobile Wimax(802.16e) Physical LayerSrinivas Roula
Towards The Design And Implementation Of Optimized, Meaningful And Constant Aspect Ratio Based Share Generation Technique Of Visual Secret Sharing Scheme Subhankar Ghatak
Towards The Design And Implementation Of An Efficient Technique For Passport Authentication Process Though Embedded Visual Cryptographic ProtocolSubhankar Ghatak
Towards The Design And Implementation Of Efficient Song Authentication Technique Through Steganographic ApproachSubhankar Ghatak
Labview Based Condition Monitoring System Using Acoustic Emission Suchandra Pal
Simulation Of Algaas/Gaas Based Hemt And Study Of Its Electrical CharacteristicsSudhakar Das
Retrial Queueing In Ad Hoc NetworkSujit Kumar Samanta
Simulation Of Interface States In MosfetsSukanta Kumar Swain
Modelling Of A Non Uniform Fiber Bragg Grating For Maximum Transmission Using Coupled Mode Theory.Sukanta Tripathy
Analysis Of Polarization Mantaining Fiber (Pcf)From Far Field MeasurementSukanta Tripathy
A Photonic Crystal Fiber And Fiber Bragg Grating Hybrid Fiber Optic SensorSukanta Tripathy
A Temperature Sensor Based On Fiber Bragg Grating In Photonic Crystal Fibers.Sukanta Tripathy
Face Recognition Using Principle Component AnalysisSukanti Pal
Removal Of High Density Salt & Pepper Noise In Quick Transient Or Faulty Switching Images Sukanti Pal
Detection Of Heart Diseases Using Principal Component Analysis And Fuzzy C- Means Technique.Sunetra Banerjee
Labview Based Micro-Crack Detection On A Metallic Surface Using Eddy Current FlowSunetra Banerjee
Implementation Of Wimax Ieee 802.16d Physical Layer In FpgaSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Robust Design For Multiuser Block Diagonalization Mimo Downlink System With Csi Feedback DelaySwadhin Kumar Mishra
Iterative Precoder Design And User Scheduling For Block-Diagonalized SystemsSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Sum-Rate Optimization Of Multiantenna Broadcast Scheduling Using Zero-Forcing BeamformingSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Mode Selection In Mimo Broadcast Channel With Imperfect Channel State InformationSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Simulation Of Optical Generation Of Microwave Signals Using Laser DiodesTrilochan Panigrahi
Simulation Of All-Optical Microwave Signal Processing SystemTrilochan Panigrahi
Efficient Clustering Algorithm For Wireless Sensor NetworkTrilochan Panigrahi
An Energy Aware Routing Protocol With Sleep Scheduling Forwireless Sensor NetworksTulasi Ambasha Patnaik
An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol For Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Using Ant Colony OptimizationTulasi Ambasha Patnaik

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
An Online Audio,Video PlayerAgyan Kumar Prusty
Study And Implementation Of Universal Classes Of Hash FunctionsAmitabh Acharya
A Cryptography ToolAnal Paul
Watermarking In Digital ImageAnisur Rahman
Slr Parser GeneratorAnisur Rahman
Ll(1) Parser GeneratorAnisur Rahman
Gui Based File Splitter/Merger ToolAnisur Rahman
Gui Based Memory Leak Checker.Anisur Rahman
Implementation Of Few Graph Algorithms In Hpc.Anisur Rahman
E – Healthcare AdvisorAnisur Rahman
Ifall: An Android Application For Fall Monitoring And Response.Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Android Based Find And ReachArunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
Android Based Application For E-Tourist Guide Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Implementation Of Nist C2dm Server Using Sip Open Source ProtocolBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Brail Reader: SoftwareBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Easy AutoBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Hotel Room Service Management Through Android DevicesBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Implementation Of The Tigers & The Goats GameChandan Gharai
Graph CheckerChandan Kumar Behera
Smart Mnrega Program AdministratorDebananda Kanhar
Smart E-Mandi For Vegetable MarketDebananda Kanhar
Design And Impementation Of Object Oriented Metrics: Precision Tools And Configurable VisualizationDebananda Kanhar
Identification Of Refactoring Opportunities Using Design PatternsDebananda Kanhar
An Opportunity For Refactoring Approach Through Automated Application Of Design PatternsDebananda Kanhar
Genetic Algorithm Based Grid Scheduling SimulationsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Firefly Based Grid Scheduling SimulationsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Implementing Sla Constraints Scheduling Of Desktop Grid Using Grid GainK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Implementing Advance Reservation Facility In Grid Resource Allocation Using Grid GainK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Gnu DebuggerK Lakshmi Narayana
E-Resource TechnologyK Lakshmi Narayana
Stock And Portfolio Management K Lakshmi Narayana
Hr Operations ManagerK Lakshmi Narayana
Bulletin Board For Android OsLokesh Nath
Android Based Omr ReaderManas Prasad Nayak
Grid Head Stability And Route Stability In Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksRabindra Kumar Shial
Bput Result AnalyserRajeev Ranjan
Customize Log For Android PhoneRajeev Ranjan
Voice Based Web BrowserRajeev Ranjan
Recycle Bin For Android PhoneRajeev Ranjan
E-AntakshariRajeev Ranjan
A Visual Teaching Aid: Animated Devices And CircuitsRajesh Kumar Dash
Development Of Tools For Polarimetric Sar Data Analysis And Applications.Rajib Kumar Panigrahi
A Tool For Teaching Ll And Lr Parsing AlgorithmsRanjit Kumar Behera
A Tool For Teaching Scheduling And Page Replacement AlgorithmsRanjit Kumar Behera
A Tool For Teaching Cache Memory OrganizationRanjit Kumar Behera
A Software Tool For Reliability Analysis Using Fta In PythonRanjit Kumar Behera
Law & Order AutomationRashmita Jena
Universal Identification In University Using RfidRashmita Jena
Insurance System With Tracking ManagerRashmita Jena
Content Based Sms Spam Filtering In Mobile Platform Rashmita Jena
Online Book Sales With Mobile SmsRashmita Jena
Data Imputation ToolRashmita Jena
Plsql Block Generator For OisRashmita Jena
Student Retention Management Through Machine LearningRashmita Jena
Implementing Nfc Mobile Wallet Applications Using Open Nfc 4.4.2 SimulatorRiti Chowdhury
Online Shopping Portal Santosh Kumar Kar
Face IdentificationSantosh Kumar Kar
Pronunciation Recognition And Evaluavation SoftwareShanti Nanisetti
Support Vector Machines For Facial RecognitionShom Prasad Das
Photo Optical Character Recognition Using Machine Learning Shom Prasad Das
Optimizing A Svm Classifier With Particle Swarm Optimization : Application To Oriya Handwritten Numerical RecognitionShom Prasad Das
Optimizing A Svm Classifier With A Genetic Algorithm : Application To Oriya Handwritten Numerical RecognitionShom Prasad Das
Photo Optical Number Recognition Using Machine Learning Shom Prasad Das
Application Of Genetic Programming For Pricing Financial DerivativesShom Prasad Das
Developing A Model For Online Stock Market Trading TerminalSisira Kanti Mishra
Face-Sketch Recognition Based On Curvelet Transform And Geometric Feature Sourav Pramanik
An Effective Noise Removal Technique For Scanned Degraded Historical DocumentsSourav Pramanik
An Effective Noise Removal Technique For Degraded Historical DocumentsSourav Pramanik
Safe Journey Using AndroidSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Autumatic Infusion MonitorSwagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Automatic Packaging System Using LabviewAbhro Mukherjee
Plc Based Automatic Control Of Rheometer Abhro Mukherjee
Aqua ScriptBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Brail ReaderBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Intelligent Anti-Theft SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
V-Call System For HostelRajesh Kumar Dash
Imaging Helium-Baloon SatellitesRajib Kumar Panigrahi
Synthetic Aperture Radar Image FormationRajib Kumar Panigrahi
High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar SystemRajib Kumar Panigrahi
Green Pt -The Eco Friendly Personal TransporterSaswat Mohanty
Portable And Cloud-Based Heart Rate TrackerSaswat Mohanty
Device Cloud Computing Based Meteorological Weather StationSaswat Mohanty
Quadcopter - Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(Uav)Saswat Mohanty
Pc Controlled Wireless Multipurpose Robot Using LabviewSatyabrata Das
Development Of A Speech Sensitive Multipurpose Robot Using LabviewSatyabrata Das
Measuring Skin Contact Impedance And Its Application As A Lie DetectorSunetra Banerjee
Design Og Labview Based Temperature Controller Using Hybrid Control SystemSunetra Banerjee
Tongue-Movement Communication And Control Concept For Hands-Free Human–Machine InterfacesSwagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Tracing The Topological And Electrical Characteristics Of Power System For Effective Smart Grid CommunicationDiptendu Sinha Roy
Untapping The Tourism Potential Of OdishaTryambaka Sarana Mahapatra

B.Tech Project in batch year 2008-2012

Category : Design And Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
A A-Law Decoder For Voice Compression In Telecommunication SystemAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Crc -8 For AtmAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Crc-5 For Usb PhyAjit Kumar Panda
An Alu Based Universal Architecture For Fir FiltersAjit Kumar Panda
A Rc5 Encryption Encoder Used In Smart Credit CardsAjit Kumar Panda
A Rc5 Encryption Decoder Used In Smart Credit CardsAjit Kumar Panda
A A-Law Encoder For Voice Compression In Telecommunication SystemAjit Kumar Panda
A U-Law Encoder And Decoder For Voice Compression In Telecommunication System Using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls247 Bcd-To-Seven Segment Decoder/ DriversAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls283 4-Bit Binary Full Adder With Fast CarryAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls147 10 Line To 4-Line And 8-Line To 3-Line Priority EncodersAjit Kumar Panda
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls280 9-Bit Odd/ Even Parity Generator/ CheckerAjit Kumar Panda
A Programmable Sine Wave Generator For Psk/Fsk ModulatorAjit Kumar Panda
Michellis-Menton Equation-Ii: Development Of A Tool Using Java:Arun Kumar Padhy
Thermodynamic Calculator For Mobile Devices.Arun Kumar Padhy
Measurement Of The Electromagnetic Properties Of Materials Based On A Refined Transmission-Reflection AlgorithmAsit Kumar Panda
A Broadband Metamaterial Cylindrical Lens AntennaAsit Kumar Panda
Maximum Power Point Tracking Of Nist Solar ParkBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Pda Vs QpdaChandan Kumar Behera
Adaptive Scheduling In Grid Computing Based On Feedback MechanismK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Designing Of An Efficient Intra-Nemo Micro-Mobility ProtocolManoj Kumar Rana
Design Parameters Of Large-Effective-Area Dispersion-Flattened Fiber For Optical CommunicationMihir Hota
Throughput Enhancement By Robust Routing In ManetMotahar Reza
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls122 Retriggerable Monostable MultivibratorsM.Suresh
A High Performance (Or Parallel) Crc Checker For Ethernet ApplicationsM.Suresh
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls682 8-Bit Magnitude ComparatorsM.Suresh
A Apb Based Ram Bist Used In IpadsM.Suresh
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls195a Universal 4-Bit Shift RegisterM.Suresh
A Apb Based Uart Interface For Socs Used In CellphonesM.Suresh
A High Performance (Or Parallel) Crc Generator For Ethernet ApplicationsM.Suresh
A Apb Based Rom Bist Used In IphoneM.Suresh
A Matrix Keypad Scanners For Pdas And CellphonesM.Suresh
A Apb Based Spi Slave Interface For Socs Used In CellphonesM.Suresh
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls393 Dual 4-Stage Binary CounterM.Suresh
A Custom Digital Implementation Of Sn74ls194a 4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift RegisterMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Soft Error Correction Decoder For 16-Bit Embedded Memory Used In TabletMukesh Kumar Sukla
A Soft Error Correction Encoder For 16-Bit Embedded Memory Used In TabletMukesh Kumar Sukla
Optimization Of Impedance Point For Microstrip Antenna By Ann.Pradyumna Kumar Patra
Power Flow Control With Upfc In Power Transmission SystemRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Modeling And Simulation Of A Dynamic Voltage RestorerRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Radiation Pattern Measurement Of A Multi Band Antenna Using Anechoic Chamber.Rajesh Kumar Dash
Person Authentication Based On Language Dependent And Language Independent Voices Using Matlabnd Language Independent Voices And Implementation On Dsk6713Rajiv Kumar Mishra
Person Authentication Based On Text Dependent And Text Independent Voices And Implementation On Dsk6713Rajiv Kumar Mishra
Design Of Set Of Experiments Of Optical Communication System (Advance)Sonali Prava Dash
Neurosimulator: A Tool For Neural ProcessingSubhagata Chattopadhyay
Hybrid Tools For Screening The Grade Of DepressionSubhagata Chattopadhyay
Fuzzy Clustering Of Complex Clinical DataSubhagata Chattopadhyay
Bayesian Learning Net Using Ga On Depression StudySubhagata Chattopadhyay
Studies On Electrical And Optical Charachterstics Of Quantum Dot/Ito JunctionSukanta Tripathy
To Design A Set Of Experiments For Optical Communication By Using Benchmark. Fiberoptics Communication Set Up.Sukanta Tripathy

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Determination Of Heavy Metal Ion In Water-AArun Kumar Padhy
Design Of Portable Ph MeterArun Kumar Padhy
Solar Tracking Using Labview Bhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Solar Mpptracker Circuit Design And Implementation In Nist Solar ParkBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Faculty Status Display In Nist Faculty RoomBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Wireless Robot Operated Night Security System Using LabviewKunja Bihari Swain
News Letter Vending MachinneKunja Bihari Swain
Design & Fabrication Of An Application Trainer For Messung-PlcKunja Bihari Swain
Smart Home NetworkMihir Hota
Experimental Measurement Of Coupling Efficiency Between Two Fibers Using Holographic CouplerMihir Hota
Design Of An Inagural LampRajesh Kumar Dash
Wireless Power TransferRajesh Kumar Dash
Hybrid VehicleSangram Mudali
Design Of A Corrosion Sensor Using OtdrSukanta Tripathy
Design & Development Of A Small Scale Humanoid Using Haptics Technology.Swagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Active Optimal Based Controller For Blood Peassure SimulatorAbhro Mukherjee
Design Of Sliding Mode Controller To Chemical Process For Improved PerformanceAbhro Mukherjee
Design Of Loop Shaping And Internal Model Controller For Unstable And Communication Delay SystemAbhro Mukherjee
Hybrid Control For Shape Memory Alloy ActuatorsAbhro Mukherjee
Active Control Of Face Abrasive Tool WanderingAbhro Mukherjee
High Performance Architecture Design Of Plc Dedicated Processor Ajit Kumar Panda
Simulation Of Pv Panel And Design Of Maximum Power Point Tracker For Maximum Power Extraction With Power Electronics ConvertersArabinda Panda
Simulation Of Wind-Turbine Dfig In Isolated NetworkArabinda Panda
Simulation Of A 9-Mw Wind Farm With A Fact Device Using Induction Generators (Ig) Driven By Variable-Pitch Wind TurbinesArabinda Panda
A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach For Grid Job SchedulingArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Measuring Portability And Performance Of A Grid Development.Asesh Kumar Tripathy
Design & Analysis Of Microstrip Array Antenna On Metamaterial Superstrate For Wireless Base Transceiver SystemsAsit Kumar Panda
Parameters Enhancement Of Single-Feed Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna Using A Near-Zero Refractive Index SurfaceAsit Kumar Panda
Realization Of Inhomogenous Metamaterial Using Carpet FractalAsit Kumar Panda
Comparative Analysis Of Wireless Routing Protocols Using Ns2Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Improving Performance Of Multi-Channel Multi-Interface Wireless NetworksBhabani Sankar Gouda
802.11n Mac Layer SimulationBhabani Sankar Gouda
Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation Using XtcBhabani Sankar Gouda
Data Tracking In Apple Iphone And Ipad Using Network SniffersBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Simulation Of Page Replacement AlgorithmsChandan Kumar Behera
Adaptive Color Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy ClusteringCharulata Palai
Optimum Pmu Placement Considering One Pmu Outage And Maximum Redundancy Using Genetic AlgorithmCh Murty
Optimal Placement Of Pmu: An Ilp ApproachCh Murty
Implementation Of Diversity Techniques In Lte Debabandana Apta
Implementation Of Transmit Diversity Using Space Time Block CodeDebabandana Apta
Evaluation Of Ergodic Capacity Of Lte Downlink Multi User Mimo SystemDebabandana Apta
A Norm-Based Sub-Optimal Antenna Selection Algorithm For Mimo SystemDebabandana Apta
Hierarchical Load Balancing In Simulated Grid EnvironmentsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Comparisons Of Different Non Linear Control Scheme On Aircraft Fan ModelHalder Kaushik
Designing Of Dsp Based Digital Controller For High Power Dc-Dc Boost ConverterHalder Kaushik
All Optical Logic Gate Using Asymmetric 2d Photonic Crystal Mmi For Multifuntional OperationMihir Hota
Analysis Of Design Parameters Of Holographic Solar Concentrators For Large AcceptanceMihir Hota
Cost Analysis Of The M/M/R Machine Repair Problem With Spares And Two Modes Of FailureMotahar Reza
Implementation Of Some Multiprocessor Algorithms For Odes Using Pvm/OpenmpMotahar Reza
Solve Optimization Problems Based On The Idea Of Solving Ode Using Trajectory Following MethodMotahar Reza
Optimal Placement Of Fact Controller In The Transmission Lines By Evolutionary AlgorithmMrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Application Of Zero-Reflection Controllers On Two-Dimensional Power Systems.Mrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Enhancement Of Power Qualityin 14-Bus System Using UpqcMrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Simulation And Physical Design Of Content Addressable Memory(Cam) Using Tanner ToolsM.Suresh
Design And Simulation Of Floating Point Arithmetic Units Using FpgaM.Suresh
A Comparitve Analysis Of A High Performance Full Adder Cell Using Tanner ToolM.Suresh
Power Optimized 8-Bit Reconfigurable Lfsr For Bluetooth DevicesMukesh Kumar Sukla
Characterization Of Low Power Sub-Threshold D Flip FlopMukesh Kumar Sukla
Tuning Of Pid Controller For An Automatic Regulator Voltage System Using Differential Evolution Optimization AlgorithmNabanita Chatterjee
Modeling And Design Of Anti-Lock Braking System For Ground VehiclesNilanjan Patra
Design And Analysis Of Observer For Linear And Non-Linear Dynamic Systems.Nilanjan Patra
Finger Print Based Authentication Using Soft ComputingPradeep Kumar Jena
Content Based Image Recognition Using PsoPradeep Kumar Jena
Comparison Of Pathloss Moels For Wireless Communication Channels.Purnendu Mishra
Performance Analysis Of Fhss And Dsss Based On Ber For Different ChannelsPurnendu Mishra
Design Of Psk31 Model With Symbol Timing And Carrier Recovery Technique Using Simulink.Purnendu Mishra
Modelling Of Baseband Transmission In Blue Tooth Using Frequency Hopping TechniquePurnendu Mishra
Optimization Technique Based On Parallel Genetic AlgorithmsRabindra Kumar Shial
An Approach To Offline Ocr Using A Biorthogonal Discrete Wavelet TransformSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
Offline Handwritten Character Recognition Using AnnSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
Character Classification Using Feedforward Baackpropagation Neural Network And Recurrent Neural Network SystemSangeeta Bhanja Chaudhury
A Distributed Algorithm To Produce Bounded Size Of Clusters For Wsns Using Ns2Santi Kumari Behera
Automatic Extraction Of Briefing Templates Using JavaSanti Kumari Behera
Implementation Of Image Coding Algorithm Using Dtt And SpihtSanti Kumari Behera
Automatic Creation Of Object Hierarchies For Ray Tracing Santi Kumari Behera
Estimation Of Frequency Offset In Ofdm For Awgn Channel.Sasmita Nayak
Image Sharpening Usinf Fractional Order DifferentiatorSatyabrata Das
Moving Vehicle Tracking And Detection Using LabviewSatyabrata Das
Implementation Of Turbine Monitoring And Control System Using Scada For Power PlantSatyabrata Das
Impulse Noise Removal Of An Image Using Soft ComputingSatyabrata Das
Radiative Recombination Model For Solar Cells ApplicationSatya Sopan Mahato
High Quality Anti-Reflective Coating Design For Silicon Solar CellsSatya Sopan Mahato
Landau Quantization For Single Electron TransistorsSatya Sopan Mahato
Comparison Of Neural Network & Support Vector Machines Techniques For Handwritten Numeral RecognitionShom Prasad Das
Numerical Solution Of Black-Scholes Option Pricing Equations Using Semidiscretization TechniqueShom Prasad Das
Application Of Support Vector Machines In Financial Time Series ForecastingShom Prasad Das
Finite Diffrence Methods For Option Pricing Over Non-Uniform GridShom Prasad Das
Analysis And Simulation Of A Channel Add-Drop Filter Composed Of Two Dimensional Photonic CrystalSonali Prava Dash
Analysis And Optimization Of High Density Photonic Crystal Devices For Power Splitting And Coupling Using Finite Difference Time DomainSonali Prava Dash
Electrical Characterization Of Algan/Gan Based Hemt Using Silvaco Tcad ToolsSudhakar Das
Design Of Logic Gates Based On Line Defect Assymetric Y Branch WaveguideSukanta Tripathy
Modelling Optical Interconnects For Minimum Cross Talk,Maximum Throughput And Angular SelectivitySukanta Tripathy
Implementation Of Color Image Enhancement Using Dct On Tms 6713Sukanti Pal
An Authentication System Using Face RecognitionSukanti Pal
Semi-Orthogonal User Selection For Mimo Broadcast ChannelSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Performane Analysis Of Golay (20, 8) C Code For Bpsk Modulation Scheme Using Dsk Tms320c6713Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Transmit Zero-Forcing Beamforming Based Mimo Broadcast Scheduling Using Channel QuantizationSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Implementation Of Narrowband Interference Cancellation Algorithms In Mb-Ofdm Based Ultra-Wideband Communication System In Dsk Tms320c6713Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Performance Anaysis Of Block Product Turbo Code(196,96) For Bpsk Modulation Scheme Using Dsk Tms320c6713Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Comparison Of Various Optimization Techniques For Optimal Power FlowSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Soft Computing Application For Automatic Generation Control Of A Multi Area Hydrothermal System.Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Controller Deign Of A Gas Turbine (Pid Control)Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Design Of Facts Based Subsynchronous Resonance Damping Controller.Swadhin Kumar Mishra
Multi-Objective Optimization Technique For Tuning Of Avr-PssSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Multi-Input Power System Stabilizers DesignSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Modelling And Simulation Of A Wind Diesel System With Solar EnergySwadhin Kumar Mishra
Energy Efficient Lighting Design Of Nist Library Using Dialux.Tanmoy Nag
Advance Lighting Design Of Nist Conference Room Using Dialux.Tanmoy Nag
Study Of Electrical Characteristics Of Sige-Based Mos Transistor Trupti Ranjan Lenka

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Creation Of A Master CalendarAgyan Kumar Prusty
M-BankingAgyan Kumar Prusty
Image Encryption Using Block-Based TransformationAnal Paul
A Digital Signature Standard For NistAnisur Rahman
Task Assignment To Worker Threads Using Linux Socket ProgrammingAnisur Rahman
Parallel Algorithms For Computational Geometry Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Parallel Algorithm Implemention On Sequences And Strings In OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Maximum Match Finder In A Connected Graph.Anisur Rahman
Fuzzy Image Enhancement Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Solving Cpp Problem In A Connected Weighted GraphAnisur Rahman
Personal Message Encription SystemAnisur Rahman
Parallel Algorithms For Numerical/Scientific Computing Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Parallel Algorithms On Trees And Graphs Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Finding A Uniquely Restricted Matching In A GraphAnisur Rahman
Animated Teaching Aid For Algorithms: SortingAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Smart Remote Data CollectionAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Security Management For Bank’S It InfrastructureAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Finger Print In Steganography Using ImagesAshish Kumar Dass
Compare And Contrast Different Image De-Noising Algorithms With Respect To SnrAshish Kumar Dass
Android Based Hotel Management SoftwareBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Fat32 File Format On Sdcard For ArmBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Live Score Board For Cricket MatchChandan Kumar Behera
Active Voice To Passive Voice And Vice-CersaChandan Kumar Behera
Regular Expression To Dfa And Dfa To Regular GrammarChandan Kumar Behera
Radix Converter Utilizing AutomataChandan Kumar Behera
Dynamic Watermarking Using JavaCharulata Palai
Multi User Voice Chat (Voip) Using JavaCharulata Palai
Indian Wildlife Managemnet Information System Using Ibm ToolsDebananda Kanhar
Rfid Based Employee Attendance SystemDebananda Kanhar
Virtual Classroom SystemDebananda Kanhar
Emergency Vehicles Recognition System (Evrs)Debananda Kanhar
Certification For BlindDebananda Kanhar
Lsb Stegnography For Hiding Any File In An ImageDebananda Kanhar
Unique Id Management.Debananda Kanhar
Uml Diagram Generator ToolK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Implementationof The Visualization Tools For Road Path Planning.K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Grid Based Data Mining In Rainfall Analysis OrissaK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Docbox: Document Management & Collaboration SystemK Lakshmi Narayana
Knowledge Based Community Sharing System Using Ibm TechnologyK Lakshmi Narayana
M-Bulletine BoardLokesh Nath
An Effective Cryptosystem For Light Weight Block CipherMadhumita Pal
Semat Toolbox: Symbolic ComputationMotahar Reza
A Visual Implementation Of The Algorithms On Computational GeometryMotahar Reza
Emergency Mobile Service SmlPradeep Kumar Jena
Smart Mobile Service MobloggingPradeep Kumar Jena
Picture Geotag SurveyPradeep Kumar Jena
Resource Allocation In Grid Service Providers.Rabindra Kumar Shial
Ashraya -Online Child Abuse Database (Tgmc)Rajeev Ranjan
Social Networking Site For Social ResponsibilityRajeev Ranjan
Localization Of Basic Applications In Android PlatformRanjit Kumar Behera
Cybernetics ProtectorRanjit Kumar Behera
E – Gas SewaRanjit Kumar Behera
Active City AdministrationRanjit Kumar Behera
Web Based Game (3-Cards) Using PythonRanjit Kumar Behera
Micro-Inventions Management SystemRashmita Jena
HomequestRashmita Jena
E-Elcon(Election Management System)Rashmita Jena
It Service Help DeskRashmita Jena
Corruption Control Through Budget MaintenanceRashmita Jena
E-Cops FacilitySanti Kumari Behera
Student Project Allocation And Management With Online Testing System (Spm)Santosh Kumar Kar
Computayion Of State Transition Matrix For A Continuous And Discrete SystemSasmita Padhy
Face Recognition Using Descriptive Input SemanticsSourav Pramanik
Ontological Analysis Of Tourism Related Named Entity WordsSourav Pramanik
Online Railway Reservation EnquiryUjjal Dey
Unit Commitment By One Of The Optimization TechniqueVenkata Ramana Kasi
Hydro-Thermal SchedulingVenkata Ramana Kasi
Combined Economic And Emission Dispatch Using Particle Swarm OptimizationVenkata Ramana Kasi
Development Of An Algortihm For Gravity Fed Automatic Infusion SystemVilombita Sarcar

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Basic Two Axis Robot With Plc Sequencer ControlAbhro Mukherjee
Design Of Device Driver On AndroidBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Travel Card: A Smart Prepaid Card For Bus And Train ServicesBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Arm Based Embedded Digital Camera For Video Surveillance ApplicationBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Arm Based Wireless Voting System For Studio Public In Reality ShowsBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Arm Based Aquascript-A Moving Water-Droplet Based Messaging SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Lift Automation Using PlcBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Hierarchical Load Balancing In Grid EnvironmentsDiptendu Sinha Roy
Performance Evaluation Of Load Balancing In Hierarchical Architecture For Grid Computing Service MiddlewareDiptendu Sinha Roy
A Grid Computing Based Power System Monitoring Tool Using Unicore And Jmx InstrumentationDiptendu Sinha Roy
A Grid Computing Based Power System Monitoring Tool Using Grid Gain And Jmx InstrumentationDiptendu Sinha Roy
3d Motion Tracking Of An Aerial Object Using LabviewKunja Bihari Swain
Task Monitoring And Adaptation Mechanism In Desktop GridRabindra Kumar Shial
Bus Tracking Cum Intelligent Information SystemsRajesh Kumar Dash
Bus Tracking Cum Intelligent Information SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
Different Interfacing Modules With Arm ProcessorRajesh Kumar Dash
Software-Defined Radio System Design Using Labview And Tms320c6713 DskSatyabrata Das
Prepaid Energy MeterSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Development Of Msp 430 Micro-Controller Based Eeg Sensing UnitVilombita Sarcar
Mark Sensor Interfacing For Automatic Infusion SystemVilombita Sarcar

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Ac Classrooms And Student Productivity; A Case AnalysisRatnakar Mishra
A Study On Gender Bias With Special Reference To Professional Colleges In OdishaRatnakar Mishra
A Comparative Study On Performance Management Framework.....In Core Industries(Manufacturing Industries).Sanjukta Mohapatra

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2007-2011

Category : Design And Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Courseware Development For Open Source Irsim Vlsi ToolAjit Kumar Panda
Courseware Development For Open Source Magic Vlsi ToolAjit Kumar Panda
Microprocessor Design For Nist LabAjit Kumar Panda
A Hybrid Key Distribution Technique In A Sensor Network.Anisur Rahman
Design Of A Conformal Antenna For Mobile Phones Covering 2g & 3g BandsAsit Kumar Panda
Design And Development Of Broadband Conformal Antenna Arrays For 3g Base StationsAsit Kumar Panda
Design & Analyis Of Sierpinski Sectoral Gasket Fractal Antenna Using Em Simulation ToolAsit Kumar Panda
Design Of Printed Log Periodic Fractal Koch AntennaAsit Kumar Panda
Design Of Complementary Microstrip Patch Antenna With Cpw Feeding For Wireless Terminals.Asit Kumar Panda
Microstrip Antenna'S Gain Enhancement Using Left Handed Metamaterial StructureAsit Kumar Panda
Characterization Of A Self-Complementary Sierpinski Gasket Microstrip AntennaAsit Kumar Panda
Labview Based Scientific CalculatorBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
8051 Processor Simulation Using LabviewBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Quantum Finite Automata: Strengths, Weaknesses And GeneralizationsChandan Kumar Behera
Implementation Of Tri-Mode Ethernet Mac Receiver Engine On FpgaDurga Prasad Dash
Implementation Of Tri-Mode Ethernet Mac Transmitter Engine On FpgaDurga Prasad Dash
Implementation Of Flow Control On Tri-Mode Ethernet MacDurga Prasad Dash
Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning System & Its Utilisation To Generate Power.Kabiraj Pradhan
Effects Of Additional Substances On Earthing Parameters By Accurate Boundry Element MethodMrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Optical Generation And Control Of Microwave And Millimeter WavesPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Study And Design Of Equivalent Ckt. Model Of Planar Dng Material.Pradyumna Kumar Patra
Study And Realization Of Dual Mode Tuned Antenna For Beam SteeringPradyumna Kumar Patra
An Approximate Algorithm For Optimizing Deployment Costs For Sensor Nodes.Rabindra Kumar Shial
A Distributed Cache Update Algorithm For The Dynamic Source Routing ProtocolRabindra Kumar Shial
Design & Analysis Of Upfc Based Damping ControllerRajendra Kumar Khadanga
Flow And Heat Transfer Of A Non-Newtonian Fluid In A ChanelSatyaban Panigrahi
Design Of Mimo Testbed With An Fpga BoardSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Automated Sludge Remediation System Using ScadaSwagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Speed Control Of Pmdc Based On Pwm Using MicrocontrollerArabinda Panda
Real Time Analysis Of D.C Generator Parameters Using LabviewBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Automated Rope Car Model Using LabviewBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Design Of A Solar Water HeaterDeepanjali Mishra
Design Of Automated Chemical Recipe Machine Using Labview.Kunja Bihari Swain
Design Of An Automated CalenderNihar Ranjan Sahu
The Autonomous AquabotNihar Ranjan Sahu
Design & Development Of An Haptic Robotic ArmNihar Ranjan Sahu
Development Of Swarm Robots Using Arm Processors-INihar Ranjan Sahu
Wi-E-Not Display SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
Solar Energy ParkSangram Mudali

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Concurrent Relay Based Pid Control For A Electromechanical System .Abhro Mukherjee
Active Stabilization Of Rotors With Circulating Forces Having Spining Dessipation.Abhro Mukherjee
Self Tuning Fuzzy Logic Control Of An Electro -Hydraulic Servomotor .Abhro Mukherjee
Smart Controller Design Of A Mems Based Gyro-Accelerometer With Manufacturing Error .Abhro Mukherjee
Mixed H2/H∞ Based Control For A Small Low Cost Autonomous BoatAbhro Mukherjee
Obustness And Performance Of Modified Smith Predictors For Processes With Longer Dead-TimeAbhro Mukherjee
Design A Decentralised Controller For Mimo System Using LabviewAbhro Mukherjee
Modeling And Control Of Two Degree Freedom Robotic Manipulator Using Bondgraphs .Abhro Mukherjee
Digital Dll For Ddr Interface Used In Omap ProcessorAjit Kumar Panda
Custom Digital Implementation Of Serdes Used In Gigabit Ethernet PhyAjit Kumar Panda
Soft Error Correction For 64-Bit Embedded Drams Used In KindleAjit Kumar Panda
Ieee 1149.1 Boundary Scan Design For Testing Embedded Controller InterfacesAjit Kumar Panda
Custom Digital Implementation Of 4b/B Fddi Encoder & Decoder Using Cadence ToolAjit Kumar Panda
A Hybrid Technique For Edge Detection In Digital Images Using Fuzzy Logic Reasoning Strategy.Anisur Rahman
Staitstical Analysis Of Enzyme Kinetics Data Using Non-Linear Least Square Analysis.Arun Kumar Padhy
A Comprehensive Comparison Of Routing Protocols For Large-Scale Wireless ManetsBhabani Sankar Gouda
Matlab/Simulink Bsed Model For Single Mchine Infinite Bus With Tcsc For Stabilit Y Studies And Tuning Employing GaBhagabati Prasad Pattnaik
Energy-Efficient Mac Protocols For Wireless NetworksCharulata Palai
Topology Management For Wireless NetworksCharulata Palai
Design And Simulation Of Channel Assignment Problem In Cellular Network Using Ann Parallel AlgorithmDebananda Kanhar
Design And/Or Analyze Various Data Structures And Combinatorial AlgorithmsDebananda Kanhar
Science Is Easy: Interactive Science Simulations Using JavaDebananda Kanhar
Load Balancing Algorithm In Simulated Grid EnvironmentDiptendu Sinha Roy
Fpga Implementation Of Mimo Received Signal GeneratorDurga Prasad Dash
Optimal Pi/Pid Controller Designing For First Order & Second Order System Using Linear Quadratic Regulator ApproachHalder Kaushik
An Approach To Design Of Autopilot Using LabviewKunja Bihari Swain
Analysis Of Ecg Signal Using LabviewKunja Bihari Swain
Investigation Of Microband Losses In Singlemode Optical FibersMihir Hota
Examination Of Beam Propagation In Misaligned Holographic GratingsMihir Hota
Improving Diffraction Efficiency Of Holographic ConcentratorsMihir Hota
Power Analysis For Sigma-Delta Adc Using Tanner ToolMitu Baral
Physical Design Of Instrumentation Amplifier Using Cadence/Tanner Tool.Mitu Baral
Particle Swarm Optimization In Multiobjective OptimizationMotahar Reza
Supply Chain Models For A Deteriorating Item With Time-Depend Quadratic Demand And Partially Backlogged Under Trade CreditMotahar Reza
Swarm Intelligence Optimization In Routing Algorithm For Networks To Balance Node Energy ConsumptionMotahar Reza
Super Conducting Generator And Superconducting Transmission System Using Pscad And Matlab SimulinkMrutyunjaya Mangaraj
Jtag Based Bist For Testing Of Embedded Rom Used In Soc Processor Of Pdas -IiM.Suresh
Jtag Based Bist For Testing Of Embedded Rom Used In Soc Processor Of Pdas-IM.Suresh
Implementation Of Bist Capability Using Lfsr Techniques In UartM.Suresh
Design And Simulation Of Floating Point Bcd Adder Using Cadence/Tanner ToolsM.Suresh
Design And Simulation Of Low-Power High-Speed Cmos Full Adder Using Cadence/Tanner ToolsM.Suresh
Custom Digital Implemntation For High Speed Crc-5 Interface For Usb PhyMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design Of 10-Bit AdcMukesh Kumar Sukla
Design Of A Sensor For Biometric Applications Using 250nm TechnologyMukesh Kumar Sukla
Implementation Of Floating-Point Alu Using Fpga And Testing Through Keyboard & Display UnitMukesh Kumar Sukla
Development Of Swarm Robots Using Arm Processors-IiNihar Ranjan Sahu
Design, Fabricationof And Measurement Of Log Periodic Microstrip Patch AntennaPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Hidden Terminal Problems Analysis For WsnPradeep Kumar Jena
A Graphical User Interface For Simulation Of Wireless NetworkPradeep Kumar Jena
Performance Analysis Of Various Routing Algorithms In Wireless Network.Pradeep Kumar Jena
Design Of A Digital Communication System & Realization Of Channel Coding Using MatlabPurnendu Mishra
Design Of A Qpsk System In Awgn Channel Using Awr_MwoPurnendu Mishra
Design And Simulation Of A Rs232+Lan+Str Circuit Block Using SimulinkPurnendu Mishra
An Approximate Pattern Matching With Swaps For Finding Spelling Mistakes.Rabindra Kumar Shial
Performance Evalution Of An Anonymous Routing Protocol Using Mobile Agents For Wireless Adhoc NetworksRabindra Kumar Shial
Encryption Using Crc Code For CommunicationRakesh Roshan
Cdma2000 Technology Based Uwa Communication Using Matlab Rakesh Roshan
Performance Analysis Of Multicarrier Communication Using MatlabRakesh Roshan
Design Of Qam Based Modulation Sysytem With Nakagami Fading EnvironmentSasmita Nayak
Reduction Of Torsional Oscillation In Turbine Genrator Shaft In Series Compensated Ac System By The Application Of Statcom Using Matlab SimulinkSasmita Padhy
Image Coding Using Wavelet TransformSatyabrata Das
Design Of Linear Phase Iir Differentiator Using A Novel TechniqueSatyabrata Das
Design Of Iir Filter For Higher Bandwidth Using Multirate TechniqueSatyabrata Das
Design & Modeling Of Sio2 And Si3n4 As Antireflection Coating On Silicon Solar Cell Using Own Software And Cad ToolSatya Sopan Mahato
Design & Modeling Of Dual Junction Gainp/Gaas Solar Cells Using Own Software And Cad ToolsSatya Sopan Mahato
Single Electron Transistors For Future Ic TechnologySatya Sopan Mahato
Comparison Of Back Propagation Network & Support Vector Machines Techniques In Financial Engineering ForecastingShom Prasad Das
A Hierarchical Data Aggregation Scheme For Sensor NetworksSiddharth B. Neelamani
Organizing Sensor Networks Using Intelligent ClusteringSiddharth B. Neelamani
Maximum Network Lifetime In Wireless Sensor Networks With Adjustable Sensing RangesSiddharth B. Neelamani
Data Aggregation Techniques In Sensor Networks Using Ns2Siddharth B. Neelamani
Optimal Power Flow With Multiple Energy CarriersSidhartha Panda
Application Of Transformer Based Facts Controller In A Power SystemSidhartha Panda
Design And Analysis Of Ipfc To Damp Power System OscillationsSidhartha Panda
Operation And Control Of Smart Grids With Distributed GenerationSidhartha Panda
Economic Dispatch By Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmSidhartha Panda
Radial Distribution Power Flow Problem In Complex ModeSidhartha Panda
Power Quality Improvement With Custom Power DevicesSidhartha Panda
A Variable Structured Controller For Tcsc To Improve Transient And Small Signal StabilitySidhartha Panda
Svc Modeling Using Matlab/SimulinkSidhartha Panda
Insulator Condition Analysis For Overhead Power Distribution Lines Using Combined Svm And WaveletSidhartha Panda
Transmission Line Fault Detection And Location Using Advanced TechniqueSidhartha Panda
Radio Over Fiber Based Solution To Provide Broadband Internet Access To Train PassengersSonali Prava Dash
Segmented Core Cladding Design To Enhance Coupling Efficiency & S.B.S.T. Of Photonic Crystal Fibers Using Holographic CouplerSonali Prava Dash
Fast-Light Based Pulse Compression In 2-D Photonic Crystal WaveguidesSonali Prava Dash
Analysis Of Coupling Loss Between Two Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Holographic CouplerSonali Prava Dash
Design And Simulation Of Tiq Comparator & Gain Booster Using Tanner ToolSukanta Kumar Swain
Realization Of Optical Logic Gates Using Photonic CrystalSukanta Tripathy
Analysis Of Coupling Between Fiber To Photonic Crystal Fiber As A Function Of Design Parametersof FibersSukanta Tripathy
Formulation Of A Model For Coupling Efficiency Of Photonic Fiber Optic Holograhic System From The First Principle.Sukanta Tripathy
Analysis Of Photonic Crystal Fiber For Photonic Components Using Finite Difference Time Domain MethodSukanta Tripathy
Formulation Of A Model For Coupling Efficiency Of Single Mode Fiber Optic Holograhic System From The First PrincipleSukanta Tripathy
Analysis Of Computer Generated Hologram For Realization Of Some Photonic Components In Optical CommunicationSukanta Tripathy
Pso From Swarm Intelligence Technique Used For Adaptive Routing In Wireless Sensor NetworkSumitra Ojha
Ant Colony Optimization For Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkSumitra Ojha
Mode Switching For Mimo Communication Based On Delay And Channel QuantizationSwadhin Kumar Mishra
Automated Level Measurement Syste. In A Sinter PlantSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Design Of 1d Schrodinger And Poisson Solver For Semiconductor StructuresTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Inp-Based Hemt Design Using 1d Poisson SolverTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Noise Analysis In Algan/Gan-Based HemtTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Design & Simulation Of Hemt Based LnaTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Optimal Power Flow By Particle Swarm OptimizationVenkata Ramana Kasi

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Multivariable Self Tuning Automation Control For Support Vector Machine For Optimizing The Time ComplexityAnal Paul
Software For Testing A Graph For HamiltonianAnisur Rahman
A Killer Sudoku Game Development Using JavaAnisur Rahman
Platform Independent Software InformerAnisur Rahman
Parallel Implementation Of Some Numerical Problems Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
Software For Testing Group PropertyAnisur Rahman
Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy TechniquesAnisur Rahman
Lu Decomposition Using Openmp To Solve A System Of Linear EquationsAnisur Rahman
Software For Symbolic And Fractional ComputationAnisur Rahman
A Shooting Practice Game DevelopmentAnisur Rahman
Software For Identifying Few Properties Of GraphAnisur Rahman
A Graphics Based Geometry Teaching AidArkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Animated Teaching Aid For Algoritms: Dynamic ProgrammingAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Animated Teaching Aid For Algorithms: Pattern MatchingAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Develop E-Learning Company Wise Campus Selection Course Materials For NistAtanu Dutta
Generation Of Cnf & GnfChandan Kumar Behera
A General Code OptimizerChandan Kumar Behera
Digital Photo Album With Framing And Background Effects Using JaiCharulata Palai
Animated View Of Oriya Script WritingCharulata Palai
Design And Implementation Of A Tool That Detects And Aids The Removal Of Duplicate CodeDebananda Kanhar
Design And Implementation Of A Software Metrics ToolsDebananda Kanhar
Bricks Ball GameDebananda Kanhar
Smart CityDebananda Kanhar
Content-Aware Search SystemsDebananda Kanhar
Utilization Of Government Benefits For Bpl FamiliesDebananda Kanhar
Software Tool For Analyzing System Reliability With Fault TreesDiptendu Sinha Roy
Software Tool For Analyzing System Reliability With Reliability Block Diagrams (Rbds).Diptendu Sinha Roy
Gui Based Converter Avi To MpegK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
A Tool To Convert C++ Code To C Code.K.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Bitly Statistics DashboardK Lakshmi Narayana
Implementation Of Tsp Using BcoK Lakshmi Narayana
A Administrative Tool For Using And Maintaining LinuxK Lakshmi Narayana
A Web Search EngineM. Aparna
Generation Of Query TreeM. Aparna
Semat 2.0: Partial Differential Equation ToolboxMotahar Reza
Tiling 2xn Board Using Colored Squares And Colored 1x2 DominoesMotahar Reza
Semat 2.0: Matrix/Linear Algebra ToolboxMotahar Reza
Tiling 3xn Board Using Colored Squares And Colored 1x2 DominoesMotahar Reza
Symbolic Computational Calculus MathematicsMotahar Reza
Tiling 2xn Board Using Colored Squares And Colored 1x3 TriminoesMotahar Reza
Semat 2.0: Optimization ToolboxMotahar Reza
Semat 2.0: Probability And Statistics ToolboxMotahar Reza
Semat 2.0: Boundary Value Problem For Ode ToolboxMotahar Reza
Semat 2.0: Circuit Simulation ToolboxMotahar Reza
Tiling 3xn Board Using Colored Squares And Colored 1x3 TriminoesMotahar Reza
Learning Of Ttcn-3 And Implementation Of Ttcn-3 For A Coffee Vending Machine.Prabina Pattanayak
Smart Employee Information System (Seis) Using J2mePradeep Kumar Jena
Route Map Guide Through Image And Tree-MapPradeep Kumar Jena
Vector Image Morphing Frame-Work Using JavaPradeep Kumar Jena
Secured Mobile Banking Service (Smbs)Pradeep Kumar Jena
Online Graphical Chess Game Using 'C'Rajeev Ranjan
Open Social PortalRajeev Ranjan
Developing And Unit Testing An Asp.Net Mvc 2 ApplicationRanjit Kumar Behera
Exception Handling In 3-Tier Architecture Using Enterprise LibraryRanjit Kumar Behera
Developing A C-Like Compiler Using PythonRanjit Kumar Behera
Development Of A Web Based Social Network Like Facebook Using PythonRanjit Kumar Behera
Www.Odishaschools.ComRatnakar Mishra
Application Of Support Vector Decision Tree MethodsShom Prasad Das
Support Vector Machines For Oriya Handwritten NumericalShom Prasad Das
Anti Virus Application For Mobile Phone Using JavaSumitra Ojha
Gesture Recognition And Motion Detection Using .NetSumitra Ojha
Creation Of Cross-Development Toolchain For Available Board (Arm/Ppc) For Linux.Vilombita Sarcar
Porting Of Latest Stable Linux Kernel On To Power Pc BoardVilombita Sarcar

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Automatic Solar Tracking SystemArabinda Panda
Development Of Wireless Sensor Network For Monitoring/Measuring Ocean Parameters Using Arm And Zigbee Technology-IBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Android Application Development On Beagle BoardBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Wlan Interfacing With Beagle BoardBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Development Of Wireless Sensor Network For Monitoring/Measuring Ocean Parameters Using Arm And Zigbee Technology-IiBhawani Shankar Patnaik
2. Arm Based Embedded Digital Camera For Video Surveillance ApplicationBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Arm Based Wireless Voting System For Studio Public In Reality ShowsBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Arm Based Aquascript-A Moving Water-Droplet Based Messaging SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Load Balancing Algorithm In Grid EnvironmentDiptendu Sinha Roy
Customized Grid Resource Discovery Using Globus ToolkitDiptendu Sinha Roy
Design Of Sensor Based Switching Controller For Solar Grass Cutter.Mihir Hota
Design Of Adaptive Controllers For Solar Grass Cutter .Mihir Hota
Design Of A Labview Based Epbax SystemNihar Ranjan Sahu
Implementing Virtual Reality Using An Haptic ArmNihar Ranjan Sahu
Automated Bus Scheduler For Nist CampusNihar Ranjan Sahu
Animation Of A Crude Oil Processing Plant Using ScadaNihar Ranjan Sahu
Interactive 3d Graphics CanvasPradeep Kumar Jena
Intelligent Monitoring SystemRajesh Kumar Dash
Supervisory Complex Compound Manufacturing Unit.Rajesh Kumar Dash
A Real-Time Temperature Measurement System & Control Using Fpga-IiRajesh Kumar Dash
A Real-Time Temperature Measurement System Using Fpga-IRajesh Kumar Dash
Development Of A Generic Arm Board With Conventional InterfacesSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Efficient Energy MeterSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Design And Develop Software & Hardware For Prototype Of Glucose/Saline Dispensing System To Patients Using Msp430fg4618-F2013 Board Vilombita Sarcar

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Job Satisfaction Among Faculty Members : A Study Of Engineering Colleges Under Bput ( Biju Patnaik University Of Technology.)Bhanu Prasad Behera
Strategic Marketing - Employees Perception Towards Organizational StrategyBhaskar Banerjee
Stategic Marketing - Customers Perception Towards Organizational StrategyBhaskar Banerjee
Consumer Psychology In Purchasing Of Healthcare Product-A Study Of Attributes Impacting Purchase Decision.Chinmaya Sahu
Mmic, Rfic, Oeic - A Comparative StudyPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Psycho-Social Impact Of Low Paid Jobs On Bright And Affluent Background StudentsRatnakar Mishra
A Study On Critical Sucess Factors Of Banking Process Re-Engineering(Bpr)Sarat Kumar Jena
Exploring The Influence Of Emotional Intelligence In Academic Performance Of Engineering StudentSarat Kumar Jena
A Study On Green VlsiSatya Sopan Mahato
A Study Ofhealth Care Fascilities Of OrissaSuresh Patnaik
A Study Of Fastfood Business Of BerhampurSuresh Patnaik
A Study Of Tutorial Centers Of BerhampurSuresh Patnaik
Emotional Intelligence Abilities And Their Relationship With Team BuildingSushanta Tripathy

B.Tech Project in Batch Year 2006-2010

Category : Design And Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Job Satisfaction Among Faculty Members : A Study Of Engineering Colleges Under Bput ( Biju Patnaik University Of Technology.)Bhanu Prasad Behera
Strategic Marketing - Employees Perception Towards Organizational StrategyBhaskar Banerjee
Stategic Marketing - Customers Perception Towards Organizational StrategyBhaskar Banerjee
Consumer Psychology In Purchasing Of Healthcare Product-A Study Of Attributes Impacting Purchase Decision.Chinmaya Sahu
Mmic, Rfic, Oeic - A Comparative StudyPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Psycho-Social Impact Of Low Paid Jobs On Bright And Affluent Background StudentsRatnakar Mishra
A Study On Critical Sucess Factors Of Banking Process Re-Engineering(Bpr)Sarat Kumar Jena
Exploring The Influence Of Emotional Intelligence In Academic Performance Of Engineering StudentSarat Kumar Jena
A Study On Green VlsiSatya Sopan Mahato
A Study Ofhealth Care Fascilities Of OrissaSuresh Patnaik
A Study Of Fastfood Business Of BerhampurSuresh Patnaik
A Study Of Tutorial Centers Of BerhampurSuresh Patnaik
Emotional Intelligence Abilities And Their Relationship With Team BuildingSushanta Tripathy

Category : Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Digital Respiration Rate Meter.Abhro Mukherjee
Speed Control Of Pmdc Using Pwm Technique.Arabinda Panda
Speed Control Of Pmdc Using ThyristorArabinda Panda
Speed Control Of Single Phase A.C Motor Using TriacArabinda Panda
Ecg MonitorBoli Sridhar
Electronic StethoscopeBoli Sridhar
Intelligent Spy RobotBoli Sridhar
Fingerprint Detection In Voting SystemBoli Sridhar
Rf Based Remote ControlBoli Sridhar
Industrial-Security-SystemBoli Sridhar
Analog Data Communication Using Optical FibreBoli Sridhar
Infrared Cordless HeadphoneDebashis Dutta
Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic Sensor And DisplayDebashis Dutta
Solar Water Purifier SystemG Prasad
Air Condition Outlet Water PurifierG Prasad
The AutoroverNihar Ranjan Sahu
Colour Sensing RobotNihar Ranjan Sahu
Smart Surveillance System Using MobibotNihar Ranjan Sahu
Automation Of Mess Bill Of N.I.S.T Campus HostelNihar Ranjan Sahu
Online Monitoring Of The Nist Campus Hostel Mess Using RfidNihar Ranjan Sahu
Hybrid Prototype Vehicle For Nist Nihar Ranjan Sahu
Electro-Mechanical Sytem VehicleNihar Ranjan Sahu
Automated Faculty Availability SystemNihar Ranjan Sahu
Solar Power Based Electric FencerRajesh Kumar Dash
Wireless Appliance Control Through PcRajesh Kumar Dash
Gps Based Weather Information TransmitterRajesh Kumar Dash
Device Switching Using PasswordRajesh Kumar Dash
Contact Less Digital Tachometer Using A 8051 Microcontroller & A Proximity SensorRajesh Kumar Dash
Smart Survelliance System Using MobibotRajesh Kumar Dash
Low Budget ScannerRajesh Kumar Dash

Category : Simulation & Modelling
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Modeling Of A Hydraulic Servomotor Using Bondgraph And Designing Several Control Schemes For The Servo Valve Positioners .Abhro Mukherjee
Intelligent Control Of Semi -Batch Polymerization ReactorAbhro Mukherjee
Torque/ Position Sliding Mode Robot Manipulator Control Using Pid ControllerAbhro Mukherjee
Hinf And Sliding Mode Robust Control Of Magnetic Lavitation SystemAbhro Mukherjee
Study On Two-Dimensional Hemt CircuitAjit Kumar Panda
Characteristics Study And Implementation Of Wireless Sensor NetworkAjit Kumar Panda
Design And Simulation Of Notch Filter Using Awr Microwave Office.Ajit Kumar Panda
Numerical Approach For Modelling Of The Function Of Membrane Oxygenating DeviceArun Kumar Padhy
Study Of Impact Of Concentration Wave Of A Drug(Solute) In An ArteryArun Kumar Padhy
Optical Character Recognition For Oriya Based On Charcter Crossing Set RatioAsesh Kumar Tripathy
Modeling And Simulating Aerodynamics For HelicopterBhawani Shankar Patnaik
8051 Using VhdlBoli Sridhar
Pid Controller Using Cadence ToolBoli Sridhar
Intelligent Jsp EditorCharulata Palai
Development Of An Automated Testing Tool In JavaDebananda Kanhar
Implementation Of Source Factorization AlgorithmDebananda Kanhar
Study Of Decoherance In Quantum AlgorithmDebananda Kanhar
Reliability Optimization Of Series Parallel Systems Using A Genetic AlgorithmDiptendu Sinha Roy
Speed Control Of Brushless Dc Motor Using VlsiG Prasad
Speed Control Of Brushless Dc Motor Using AnnG Prasad
Speed Control Of Brushless Dc Motor Using DspG Prasad
Speed Control Of Brushless Dc Motor Using Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy ControllerG Prasad
Design Of Simulator For Fault Tolerance In Distributed SystemK.Hemant Kumar Reddy
Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming Approach For TravelingMadhu Sudana Rao
Analysis Of Diffraction Efficiency Of A Holographic Coupler With Respect To Spectral WidthMihir Hota
Evaluation Of Coupling Losses In Photonic Crystal Fiber For Gas Sensing ApplicationsMihir Hota
A Power Optimized Continuous-Time Delta–Sigma Adc For Audio ApplicationsMitu Baral
Meta Heuristic For The Facility Layout Problem (Flp)Motahar Reza
Numerical Simulation Of Lid Driven Cavity Problem Using 'C'Motahar Reza
Computational Analysis Of A Queueing System With Application To Computer And Communication SystemsMotahar Reza
Comparative Study Of Face Recognition Techniques Based On Ann And K-Mean ClassifiersM Rajendra Kumar
Interpolation Methods For Resizing Images.M Rajendra Kumar
Numerical Solution Of Partial Differential Equations In HeatM Rajendra Kumar
Synthesis Of Reversible Logic Gates Using Eda ToolsM.Suresh
Synthesis Of Basic Arithmetic Circuits Usign Reversible Logic GatesM.Suresh
Boiler Plant Automation Using ScadaNihar Ranjan Sahu
Animation Of Steel Plant Using Elipse Scada Nihar Ranjan Sahu
Simulation Of Fault Tolerant Topology Of One To All Communhication In Wireless NetworksNihar Ranjan Sahu
Realization Of Co-Ordinate System Using MatlabPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Realization Of Wireless Sensor NetworkPrabhuadutta Pradhan
Blind Equalization Of Mobile Fading ChannelPrabhuadutta Pradhan
An Interactive Gui For Network Configuration And SimulationPradeep Kumar Jena
Network Simulation And Performance Analysis Using Ns-2 Pradeep Kumar Jena
Character Based Image Identification Using Neuro-Fuzzy ApproachPradeep Kumar Jena
Study, Design And Realization Of Smart Mimo System Of Rf SwitchPradyumna Kumar Patra
Simulation Of Power Amplifier Harmonic Balance Using Awr Microwave OfficePurnendu Mishra
Simulation Of Rayleigh Fading Channel Using MatlabPurnendu Mishra
Simulation Of Different Digital Modulation Technique Using Matlab & SimulinkPurnendu Mishra
Design Of A Wideband Microstip Antenna With Reduced Size In Vhf Range Using Ie3d.Rakesh Roshan
Ultra Wideband Fractal Microstrip Antenna Design For Mobile Communication Using Ie3dRakesh Roshan
Performance Analysis Of Multicarrier Cdma.Rakesh Roshan
Implementation Of Jpeg Compression Scheme For Still ImagesSatyabrata Das
Implementation Of Lsb Steganography And Its Evalution For Various BitsSatyabrata Das
A Novel Algorithm For 2d Dct TransformationSatyabrata Das
Implementation Of Speech Recognition Using Dsp ProcessorSatyabrata Das
Steganography Using The Fourier TransformSatyabrata Das
A Novel Adaptive Approach For Image RestorationSatyabrata Das
Fourier Transform Using Hexagonal Image ProcessingSatyabrata Das
Finger Print Verification Technique Using MatlabSatyabrata Das
An Efficient Structure For Recursive Half Band FilterSatyabrata Das
Optical Character Recognition For Printed Oriya Text Using UnicodeSatyabrata Das
Hexagonal Image Processing. Satyabrata Das
Face Detection And Recognition Using PsoSatyabrata Das
Speaker Identification Using MatlabSatyabrata Das
Optical And Electronic Characterization Of Solar Cells Using Synopsys TcadSatya Sopan Mahato
Design And Characterization Of Rf Power Ldmos Transistor Using TcadSatya Sopan Mahato
Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo Simulation And Its ImplementationShom Prasad Das
Least-Squares Monte Carlo Method For Options PricingShom Prasad Das
Support Vector Machines In Financial EngineeringShom Prasad Das
Data Aggregation Techniques In Sensor NetworkSiddharth B. Neelamani
Simulation Of Wsn Algorithms In MatlabSiddharth B. Neelamani
Simulation Of Wsn Algorithms In TossimSiddharth B. Neelamani
4. Application Of Soft Computing Based Controller In Water Tank Control SystemSidhartha Panda
2. Application Of Soft Computing Technique To Economic Dispatch ProblemSidhartha Panda
Anfis For Sssc Based Controller DesignSidhartha Panda
1. Improvement Of Voltage Stability Of Power System Using Neural Network TechniqueSidhartha Panda
Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic AlgorithmSidhartha Panda
Design And Analysis Of A Robust Fuzzy Logic Controller For Tcsc For Power System Stability ImprovementSidhartha Panda
3. Application Of Re-Dispatching Generation (Rdg) Factors And Relative Electrical Distances (Red) In Ieee 57-Bus SystemSidhartha Panda
5. Optimization Of Two-Area Agc System With Soft Computing Based Svc (Static Var Compensator) And Pi-ControllerSidhartha Panda
Modeling, Simulation And Optimal Tuning Of Svc-Based Damping ControllerSidhartha Panda
Fast-Ion Conduction In SolidSidhartha Pattanaik
Coupling Optiomisation Between Two Photonic Crystal Fibers Using A Holographic CouplerSukanta Tripathy
Optically Induced Instability In A Photonic Crystal Structure Close To A Magnetic SemiconductorSukanta Tripathy
Optical Interconnectors For Computing ApplicationsSukanta Tripathy
Optical Switching For Controlling Light With LightSukanta Tripathy
Simulation Of 2d Optical Cdma Technique For Multimedia TransmissionSukanta Tripathy
Characteristics Study Of Inp Based Hemt Using Synopsys Tcad ToolTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Characteristics Study Of Sonos Memory Using Synopsys Tcad ToolTrupti Ranjan Lenka
Design & Simulation Of Finfet Using Synopsys Tcad ToolTrupti Ranjan Lenka

Category : Software Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Macro Based I18n Framework In C++.Anisur Rahman
Graph Coloring Algorithm Using OpenmpAnisur Rahman
One Small I18n Package In JavaAnisur Rahman
Gui Based Generic Makefile Generator Tool In C++ And Qt.Anisur Rahman
A Wumpus World Simulator Using C++ And Qt.Anisur Rahman
Task Assignment To Mixed Threads Using Master And Sub Mater ThreadAnisur Rahman
Conversion Of Latex(.Tex) To Html Using C++Anisur Rahman
Testing Serializability Of A Set Of Concurrent Transactions Using C/C++Arkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
Notepad ++Arkaprava Bhaduri Mandal
E_Procurement SystemBhabani Sankar Gouda
A Dbms With Sql InterpreterBhabani Sankar Gouda
Smart Client Using Microsoft Excel And VbaBhawani Shankar Patnaik
J2me Based Image Editing Tools For Mobile PhonesBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Gui Based Telnet Tool For Remote UserBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Wap Gateway 2 ( Telecom Server )Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Pc To Pc Fiber Optic CommunicationBoli Sridhar
An Object Oriented Approach For Cartoon Film MakingCharulata Palai
Enhanced Edge-Detection Techniques For Bit-Map ImageCharulata Palai
Online National PollingDebananda Kanhar
Test Coverage Analyzer For JavaDebananda Kanhar
A Study On Sorting NetworksDebananda Kanhar
Xml Editor For Oriya LanguageDebananda Kanhar
Web CrawlerDebananda Kanhar
Design Of A Software Tool For Event Tree AnalysisDiptendu Sinha Roy
Regenerator Data Dictionary Goutam Ganguly
Implementation Of Psql*Plus Interface For PostgresqlGoutam Ganguly
Online Birth And Death Registration SystemK Lakshmi Narayana
Community Web Protral Using The RssK Lakshmi Narayana
A Visit To NistK Lakshmi Narayana
Construction Of Parse TreeK Lakshmi Narayana
Java Virtual Machine ManagerM. Aparna
Develop And Design A Scientific Software: Semat 1.2 (Software For Engineering Mathematics) For Module I: Linear Programming ProblemMotahar Reza
2. Develop And Design A Scientific Software: Semat 1.2 (Software For Engineering Mathematics) For Module Ii: Non Linear Programming ProblemMotahar Reza
Develop And Design A Scientific Software: Semat 1.2 (Software For Engineering Mathematics) For Module Iii: Computational Mathematics- Part IMotahar Reza
Develop And Design A Scientific Software: Semat 1.2 (Software For Engineering Mathematics) For Module Iv: Circuit Analysis And Sp ToolsMotahar Reza
Develop And Design A Scientific Software: Semat 1.2 (Software For Engineering Mathematics) For Module Iii: Computational Mathematics- Part IiMotahar Reza
Data Concentration On Otis-MotM Rajasekhar Reddy
An Interactive Image Reflection SystemPradeep Kumar Jena
Colour Image SegmentationPradeep Kumar Jena
Signature Identification Using AnnPradeep Kumar Jena
Software For Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differentiaal Equation By Runge-Kutta Method Using Vc++Purna Chandra Biswal
Software For Solving Ordinar Differential EquationPurna Chandra Biswal
Software For Solving Recurrence RelationPurna Chandra Biswal
Black Jack Game Simulation And AnalysisPurnendu Mishra
To Implement Neural Network Based Robot NavigationRabindra Kumar Shial
To Build A Global Path Planner Based On The Local MethodsRabindra Kumar Shial
Navigational Planning For Mobile RobotsRabindra Kumar Shial
Android Based Application Tools For Mobile PhonesRanjit Kumar Behera
Software Tool For Implementing Nfa And DfaRanjit Kumar Behera
A Decision Making ToolRanjit Kumar Behera
Design Of Software Tool For Fault Tree AnalysisRanjit Kumar Behera
Implementation Of Monochromatic AlgorithmRashmita Jena
Implementation Of Rgby Algorithm For Forensic AnalysisRashmita Jena
Software Tool For Project Crashing IllustrationShom Prasad Das
Time-Table GeneratorSiddharth B. Neelamani
Complete Japanese TutorSidhartha Sankar Sahu
Soft Ware To Check Pronunciation In Spoken EnglishTrupti Mund

Category : Software & Hardware Development
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Speed Control Of Fan By Variation Of TemperatureArabinda Panda
Go To My Pc (Access Your Pc From Anywhere)Bhabani Sankar Gouda
Arm Based Wireless TransceiversBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Gps Tracking SystemBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Smart Message Display.Bhawani Shankar Patnaik
Tourist Guide For Tourism ApplicationBhawani Shankar Patnaik
An Interactive Pattern Designe Framework.Charulata Palai
Alarm Generator Using Arm ProcessorDebashis Dutta
The AquabotNihar Ranjan Sahu
Breaking News DisplayNihar Ranjan Sahu
A Projection Frame Work For 3d ObjectsPradeep Kumar Jena
Automatic Target RecognitionPradeep Kumar Jena
Design & Fabrication Of Multi Frequency Wearable Antenna For Body-Centric Wireless Communication Systems.Rajesh Kumar Dash
Design And Development Of A WsnSiddharth B. Neelamani
Remote Control Through Website For MachineSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Image Processing Application Using Sbc8349e Targate BoardSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Rtc Based Sequential Control For DevicesSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Voice Recognisation VehicleSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Wireless Based Data Logger Using ArmSwagat Kumar Samantaray
Arm Development BoardSwagat Kumar Samantaray

Category : Study/Literature Review
Name of ProjectName of Advisor
Media Research On Daily News PapersAjaya Kumar Rath
Market Study Of Fmcg Products( Toiletries Products)Ajaya Kumar Rath
An Analysis Of P, Np And Co-Np Classes.Anisur Rahman
Influence Of Job Satisfaction In Relationship Of Hr Practices & Emotional IntelligenceBalivada Pavan Kumar
Role Of Leader Monitoring On Employee CommitmentBalivada Pavan Kumar
Relationship Of Workplace Justice Perception On Organizational Citizenship BehaviourBalivada Pavan Kumar
Derrida, De Bono And Decision MakingBhawani Shankar Patnaik
Shg-Bank Linkage In Ganjam DistrictBora Balaram
Implementation Of Pmry A Case Study Of Ganjam DistrictBora Balaram
Household Investors Perception Towards Investment: A Study Of OrissaPramath Nath Acharya
Integral Graph With Given Spectral RadiusPurna Chandra Biswal
Characterization Of Soils For Active Microwave Remote SensingPurnendu Mishra
A Study Of Why Consumers Hesitate To Shop Online A Perception Analysis Of Costumers In Berhampur & BhubaneswarSanjukta Mohapatra
Competency Assessment & Identification Of Training Needs Of The Executives (Tech)& Executives(Nontech) Of Infosys & L&TSanjukta Mohapatra
Productivity Measurement And Evalution Of A Higher Education SystemSarat Kumar Jena
Recovery Performance Of Rrb ; A Case Study Of Rushikulya Gramya BankS. Gita Madhuri
An Analysis On Factoring In India S. Gita Madhuri
Role Of Hypertext In Creating A New Social WebShom Prasad Das
A Comparative Analysis On Sales Tax And Vat Collection In Ganjam DistrictSisira Kanti Mishra
Resource Mobilisation Of Berhampur Development AuthoritySisira Kanti Mishra
Growth Of On-Line Investment In The State Of OrissaSisira Kanti Mishra
A Study On Influencing Factors Of Customer Characterstics In Difining Perceived Value And Loylty In Eastern Indian Retail Context.Srikanta Kumar Nayak
A Study On Retail Store Patronage And Retail Store Loyalty To Retain And Develop Customer Loyalty In Eastern Indian Retail Context.Srikanta Kumar Nayak
Employee Welfare And Compensation PolicySudhir Panigrahi
Agricultural Productivity In OrissaSudhir Panigrahi
The Role Of Appraisals In Managing PerformanceSudhir Panigrahi
Role Of Labour Relations And Collective BargainingSudhir Panigrahi
Emergence Of Small Car "Nano" And A New Market PositionSuresh Patnaik
Trend Analysis Of Insurance Business In OrissaSuresh Patnaik
Prescription Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Products As A Diagnostic Toll For Successful CrmSuresh Patnaik
Develop A Service Productivity Model For Technical Institutes.Sushanta Tripathy