Vacuum Coating unit: Can be used to give thin metallic coating on substrate, thickness of which can be controlled

Tubular Furnace: This is used to oxidize a sample with different gas flow rates. Ar, N2, O2 and He are currently available.

UV VISIBLE SPECTROPHOTOMETER: Specification: Model: UV-1800 Range: XY-900 nm (5.4 ) , Wavelength Range: 190 nm to 1100 nm.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope(STM): Resolution: XY-0.01 nm Z-0.002nm.

Four Probe: For resistivity measurement of Semiconductor

LCR Meter: used for C-V measurements (20Hz-2MHz).

Apart from these a Synthesis Lab is equipped with Fume Hood. Millipore Water system, Spin Coater and other facilities required for synthesis of Quantum Dots is available. Further a PL set up is going to be installed soon.

N.B: These facilities can be availed by other Institutions on payment basis. For details you can contact to Dr.S.K.Tripathy,