NIST hosted a two-day National Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation on January 18-19, 2013

      The first of its kind, two-day National Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation began at National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhmapur with a galaxy of international gurus from academia and industry throwing light on the way High Performance Computing and simulation is evolving and where it is headed.

"Size doesn't matter. Performance does," said Prof. Y. C. Tay of National University of Singapore as he spoke about building bridges between academia and industry. "Conferences like these are essential for understanding the frontiers of research. It is this research that will stimulate and nurture the growth of modern technology," said Prof Tay in his keynote address at the NIST Auditorium on Friday morning.

"We are just seeing the beginning of what the Internet can do. It is high performance computing and accelerated research that will help usher in the revolution," said Dr Nandini Mukherjee, Director, School of Mobile Computing and Communication, Jadavpur University as she outlined her research focus on application centric cloud computing and a seamless wireless sensor networks.

Exploring another frontier of technology, Dr Rajib Mall, of Department of Computer Science and Technology, Kharagpur spoke about the shifting paradigm from desktop computing to embedded systems, as he touched upon advancements in hardware from simple micro-controller based systems to the complex programmable chips that are being created today.

Taking the discussion to another level, Dr Sudarshan Padhy, Director, Institute of Mathematics and Applications spoke about the role of high performance computing and simulation in aiding research on the newest scientific discipline: bioinformatics. "We need to develop fast computational algorithms for many basic problems in bioinformatics such as multiple sequence alignment, phylogenies, protein interaction networks and gene prediction. In all these areas there is a role for HPC," Dr Padhy said.

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