Dispersed Generation and Smart Grid

AICTE-Sponsored National Seminar on "Dispersed Generation and Smart Grid"

The Department of Electrical Engineering, NIST, has successfully organized an AICTE-Sponsored National Seminar on "Dispersed Generation and Smart Grid" from November 29, 2013, to December 01, 2013.
Honourable and most reputed Member of Parliament Shri. Baijayant 'Jay' Panda was the Chief Guest at the Inaugural Ceremony.
One of the most charismatic and inspiring leaders of Odisha, Mr. Panda also inaugurated the "Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy" located in the Atrium building of NIST campus.
A distinguished speaker and a mechanical engineer himself, Mr. Panda immediately struck a chord with the audience when he delivered an amazing talk about the necessity of thinking of alternative ways to produce energy so that India can meet the increasing demand for power.
Mr. Panda's talk focused on the causes behind the widening gap between demand and supply in power sector. He examined the reasons and explained how (and why) the gap is widening, how and why the power sector is unable to meet the ever-growing demands by consumers for more power supply, what kind of demand for power can be envisaged in the next five years, the policy and other constraints behind getting the entire rural India under the umbrella of the Smart Grid, etc. Mr. Panda also spoke on why it is important to look at ways to produce energy using renewable sources like sunlight, water rather than exhaustible sources like thermal energy, and aligning it to the Smart Grid.
Prof. Sangram Mudali, Director, NIST, gave a Welcome Address on the occasion followed by a short speech by Dr. Reji Kumar Pillai, India Smart Grid. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. Bhagabati Prasad Pattnaik, Faculty member, Department of Electrical Engineering, NIST. A regular demonstration of the NIST renewable facilities was given on November 29 & 30, 2013.