Mind Lecture Programme

The Institute organized a Mind Lecture Programme in its premises by the International Mind Education Institute (IMEI) on 21st December 2015.  Prof. Soo Yeon Kim, India Director of IMEI, South Korea was the Guest Speaker for Mind Lecture Programme. IMEI is a mind education institute providing professional mind education programmes all over the world with branches in more than 80 countries like South Korea, South America, Germany, France, Hungary, Philippines and many more. The institute is helping youth of these countries to develop strong minds that the future leaders must possess. Prof. Kim is the Director of International Youth Fellowship as well as the Professor of IMEI. The programme consisted of dance, music and songs along with the Mind Session. Prof. Kim explained the levels of mind and its ability with few examples of Hyundai & Samsung and also showed videos for better understanding of the concept. Many students, faculty members and staff from NIST participated in the programme.