Message from Chairman

       Dr. Sukant K. Mohapatra, Chairman

On behalf of administration, faculty, and staff, I welcome you to the National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST).

We NISTians are focused on four core missions - academic excellence, research and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and social values contributing to the bigger and better good of the community, country and world at large. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff stand out due to their commitment to academic excellence, fundamental research, creative innovation, professionalism, leadership, diversity, pride, social values, and ethics.

NIST is always reimagining and transforming to be a world leading institute in the 21st century with rigorous and ever evolving academic programs to meet future need, outstanding teaching, pioneering innovation, projects and research programs that foster partnership with community, industries, international collaboration, and working together with best and brightest minds around the globe in this hyper-connected world.

NIST is among the most desirable and respected institutes in the state of Odisha and country. We at NIST are not only focused on providing the highest standard of education in broad academic curriculum for undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate studies starting from engineering, science to management and research programs in broad areas, but also are committed to create innovative minds, successful professionals, and entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

I welcome you to join talented scholars, academicians, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders at the NIST family. I am sure you will leverage endless opportunities at NIST to study, innovate, perform, transform, realize your abilities to the fullest extent and cherish unforgettable friendship, the most enjoyable moments, value of collaboration, sharing, and caring for all the time to come.

Dr. Sukant K. Mohapatra